need HELP: unverified/unconfirmed...

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  1. Okay ladies, I need advice: I sold my black box on Ebay but the buyer has an unconfirmed address, and is an unverified member of PayPal.

    In my auction I stated:
    I accept PayPal only.
    I will ship to verified PayPal addresses only.

    If I cancel her payment I can't get in trouble can I; after all, I stated that I would only ship to verified addresses.

    Also, would any of you ship to someone who was completely unverified?
  2. Argh, it bugs me when people can't read the auction terms :suspiciou

    Did you try contacting her and letting her know of the terms you had in the auction? Ask her if she can become verified before she sends payment, even if it will take an extra couple of days?

    I'm not sure if I've ever shipped to someone with an unverified address, I don't think I have.
  3. Okay so I am going to refund her payment right now, and I did send her an email asking if she has another CC with paypal or if she would like to confirm her address with PayPal; I also reminded her of my auction terms.
  4. Hey Loganz!! Sorry to be so dense, but I'm pretty new to Ebay. I was wondering why so many people are reluctant to ship to an unverified address? I've done so many times with no problems. Thank you!
  5. maybe because of fraud? if the address is unverified, and you ship it, the person can say that they never received the package (even if they did) and get their money back...but i dunno for sure.
  6. yes, this is the case. PayPal will not protect you; regardless if the package is signed for and everything.

    Also, an unverified address means that the shipping address is different than the address on the CC the user gave PayPal. If you ship merchandise to an address other than the billing address of the card, and the card is Discover or AMEX, the seller is a**-out.

    Since with PayPal I don't know if the CC is AMEX or Discover I can't risk shipping to an address other than the billing address.

    Shipping to an unverified/unconfirmed buyer increases the risk to myself that I would be out the merchandise and the money.
  7. Thanks, Loganz! Good luck with everything.