need help: ukita - different sizes?!

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  1. hey guys
    I want to order the ukita online. Just wondering if there are different sizes?
    I looked at modeling pics. sometimes it Looks big sometimes really small ...

    is there just one or more sizes of the ukita ??

    thanks a lot for any reply!
  2. Hi! As far as I know, there are two sizes, the ukita and the little (or lil) ukita which is smaller. I have the regular ukita and it is comparable in size to the Fran. The little ukita is smaller.

    I would compare the size of the regular ukita to the groovee and the little ukita is more comparable to the baby groovee.

    Hope this helps :smile:
  3. ok thanks a lot thats sad because I want to order the bigger one. but there is only the classic lil ukita available :sad:
  4. Oh no! Keep looking, maybe it will pop up! For some reason, the lil ukita is more popular but i love the regular one, it is the perfect size in my opinion.
  5. Does anyone have a side by side picture of the lil ukita and teh org one ? I dont know wich to get!