Need help! Twiggy color

  1. I'm thinking of buying twiggy in sandstone.Does this color looks cute on twiggy style?Pls help me decide which color u prefer on ur twiggy.Pics pls!!! :confused1:
  2. Here is my favorite '07 color in the twiggy style........ French Blue.

  3. ^ very pretty!
  4. I think twiggy's sold out in the French Blue color. but there are still plenty of other colors out there. I can see why this color would be sold out. It's really pretty on the twiggy style.

    Enjoy your beauty!
  5. The bright colours look best on the Twiggy. Have you considered Bleu Glacier or Vert Gazon?
  6. I don't know why, but I like the Twiggy in Brown colors ... have you seen debsmith's pics? I just love those!

  7. ITA:yes:
  8. I'd go for the vert gazon, french blue or rouge vif from 06.

  9. oh my, this is sooo gorgeous! and the leather TDF!! *faint*
  10. Agreed. Brighter colors look best on the Twiggy.

    Vert Deau? Vert Gazon?
  11. That french blue is so gorgeous!!! I never considered french blue before, but that picture makes me want one.
  12. Agree! The french blue is gorgeous!!! Mayb I have to think again.I decide to get sandstone coz I already had black and vermillon city.So I think I'd like to have sandstone twiggy coz I already got two fresh color bag.Thx for ur opinion ladies!
  13. Ooh please post pics of your sandstone twiggy when you get her :p
  14. This may be a boring answer, but personally I think there's nothing in the world quite like a black twiggy! Edgy and hot!!