Need Help: To return or not?

  1. gals need your help on this!!

    i purchased a BV last feb 26. used it after couple of days, and again used it yesterday. i was wiping the outside bottom of the bag with a tissue before putting it back to the closet when i noticed that there were couple of loose thread at one corner. i tried to pull it very gently to see if it's just one of those that got stuck or something, but it looks connected to the main stitch of the bag. i thought of just cutting it but i saw another loose one just beside it.

    should i be worried or something? have you seen something like this in your bags? you think this is too minor to bother going back to the store and have it checked? argh im at work right now, but can't stop thinking of my baby :sad:
  2. If you're worried about it and not completely happy, take it back
  3. ^^ ITA with chelsae
  4. ^even if i've already used it? sorry, just havent really done any return or some sort so im not really sure how they would go about it
  5. bring it back to the boutique and address the issue..
    I mean, you only had it for 10days and already found some loose stitches..I would def bring it back and see what they say if I were you:yes:
  6. yes it sounds defective to me
  7. yah, bring it back and show it to them....
  8. I would return it. :yes:
  9. I would exchange it.
  10. id exchange..
  11. see if they will let you exchange for new one. you purchased it not that long ago so they should help you.
  12. thanks everyone.. will try to do it tonight if i can quickly get home and pick the bag. i'll def go for an exchange. thanks again girls :smile: :heart:
  13. sounds defective! you should exchange it!