Need Help to Pick a Bag!!!!

  1. So I have a cousin that works at Saks and I need help to pick a Gucci. Right now I am deciding between a Medium Horsebit Hobo in canvas, the Charmy Medium bag in canvas, the Goldie Medium Hobo in canvas. If you have any other suggestions for bags please feel free to tell me or if you think I should get them in leather rather than canvas. Attached are pictures but not in the canvas. Thanks for your help. Also if you own any of these bags I would love to see pictures of you carrying it.



  2. My first pick is #1 coz I like leather. #2 is cute too, does that come in leather?
  3. No, only suede or fabric.
  4. #1 is the nicest..IMHO.
  5. I have the med horsebit hobo in brown canvas- LOVE IT! A friend of mine just got the same in the brown guccisima leather. Also gorgeous. I think the leather "hangs" better on the shoulder than the canvas... more slouchy I guess. I hope you get to "try on" IRL before choosing. :smile:
  6. I just bought the medium black horsebit (85th Anniversary) and I have a Chocolate Guccissima Princy. I love them both.

    I wore the hobo around in the Boutique while I was looking at other things and I actually forgot I had it on. It's so soft and smooshy. I really love the leather on this bag.

    So, I would go for the first one in leather.
  7. The problem is that I live in Pittsburgh and the Saks here doesn't have any Gucci bags. I was in New Jersey this weekend and tried on the medium horsebit and liked it, but I didn't see the other two bags there. I'm going to New York in November, but don't know that I will have time to go to the Saks there. Is there anywhere on this forum to see if there are people that are from the same place as you so that I can ask where they sell Gucci in Pittsburgh?
  8. I love the last one.
  9. I love the third one too!! What is it called again? I'm in the hunt for my very first Gucci, and I think I'm really in love with the third one.
  10. It is called the Goldie Medium Hobo.