Need help to my laptop

  1. i need a laptop bag, but dont which one. Sabana Bag is quite ok. it is other bags i should take a look at? daimer style is my favorite.
  2. Abesses (Monogram Canvas) if you like a comfortable messenger, Basically the same thing in Damier is the Bastille
  3. i dont like them, dont like shoulder bag. sabana bag? is that one good?
  4. My SA suggested the Sac Bosphore. The Sabana seems more suitable for a laptop though.
  5. I think I'm going to get the Sac Bosphore and then put my 12 in powerbook G4 in a protective sleeve. What do all you laptop owners think, enough protection??
  6. I think the Batignolles Horizontal fits most laptops
  7. thanks for ideas folk! sac bosphore looks very good, maybe ill try that one.