need help to make a decision!

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  1. hi im 23 and im having difficulty in deciding which lv speedy to go for. Im not really bothered with summer or winter colours watever i get i use it all ure round provided it matches my outfit.
    ive got 2 choices either the mini lin ebone or the dameir azur. one is dark colour fabric the other is light colour canvas which is more durable?
    im worried about the fabric factor of the mini lin but because of the dark brown colour will it be good for everday ?
    the damier azur is a really light colour will it get stained easily ?
    i need to decide between these two and i want a bag for everyday and long lasting please help. i dont want the mini lin to fade off cuz its fabric neither do i want the azur to get stained with my denims . i love both the bags and i cant decide which is less riskier. help help
  2. Welcome to tPF!!!! I think this will get moved over to the LV section. However, in my opinion I like the mini lin because you don't have to worry about the handles getting dirty, etc.!
  3. from what i've read the damier azur speedy is very sturdy and does not stain easily. I would go for that if I had a's a great summer bag and winter's very much year-round.
  4. hey guys i bought the mini lin in the end. i just love it dont care about the fabric getting ruined it just looks hot thats all that matters. :yahoo:
  5. I actually love both so either one is a good choice. If you're happy, that's what counts!

    Now get yourself over to the LV subforum and share your happy news!

    Welcome to the Purse Forum!
  6. i want to know wats the best bag charm to go on the mini lin speedy ebene.
    the tahitian beige one or the trunks n chain one (the coin one that goes from one handle to the other )
  7. snag pop down there and ask away ! welcome to the forum!