Need help to identify my LV Alma bag

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  1. Hello and good afternoon:

    My husband gave me a beautiful LV Monogram Alma handbag long time ago (I cannot remember what year). It is too big for me (I'm 5'1"). I just purchased a LV speedy 25 that fits my size. I want to sell this LV Alma bag to get some money for my new bag, but I don’t know how to identify this bag. I view some of the Alma bags on eBay, but nothing likes my bag. All the Alma bags on eBay, the bottom is cream color leather without brass feet; the lining is cotton, the inside pocket is not zipped pocket. My Alma’s bottom is LV monogram canvas (same all the way of the bag) and it has 5 brass feet on the bottom; lining is suede leather like; it has the cell phone pocket and zipped pocket inside.

    I need help from the expert out there, please let me know what year of my Alma bag and what does it call (Alma Feet?). Thanks for your help.

    lv1.jpg lv2.jpg
  2. If it's an Alma and it has feet, and suede lining, then it's fake. Sorry!
    You can post pics in the Authentication thread though just to be sure.
  3. Yep... Definatly Fake! Sorry! :crybaby:
  4. sorry ...
  5. I'm sorry but this is a fake Alma.. :crybaby:
  6. I think, correct me if I'm mistaken, that Alma MM has got feet and a canvas bottom but I don't think yours is authentic anyway!!
    Position on LVs on bottom( if it was the MM) ,the lining...
    sorry codohue!!!
  7. :crybaby:
  8. Hi Bagmaniac23
    Thanks for information. My husband bought this alma handbag from las vegas lv store and I was there too. I'll be damn if this lv store sold fake bag. What is "MM"? Thanks again.

  9. I look carefully, the lining is not suede. It is Vuittonite lining.
  10. mm means medium model

    alma only comes in 1 size (besides the voyage sizes) and it has a vachetta bottom and no feet

    if you purchased from a lv boutique you got duped, sorry
  11. i'm pretty sure the lining on an authentic alma is brown fabric if i'm not mistaken
  12. yes miss you're right lining in both sizes is brown fabric!!!
  13. thanks for the clarification! i don't own one, i've only used my sisters but i just couldn't remember for sure. thanks!
  14. I am so sorry but your bag is not authentic. The Alma does not have feet and the lining is wrong for an authentic bag. If you take it to ANY LV store they will tell you this. If you were with your husband when he purchased the bag, then LV will have record of the purchase in their computer (in other words no need for a receipt, for LV keeps records of all customer purchases in their computer) and you can take it up with LV, but the bag you depicted is NOT AUTHENTIC.
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