Need Help to Identify 2 Vintage Hermes Bags

  1. Hi All - I need help to identify these two vintage Hermes handbags.

    Please - what is the name, leather and color for each?
    Both have detachable shoulder straps. They are I in a circle and F in a circle.

    Thanks so much!





  2. is this BARENIA???? any blindstamp we could see? Nice leather!!

    I'll look in my japanese supercatalogue and see if i can find anything similar. lots of vintage styles in there.
  3. I'm looking at the first bag and hyperventilating. I love it. Soooo much. Totally love it. Can't catch my breath here. Cool bags, H'bird.
  4. I own the second one same leather color rouge h right, box. I'm not at home but 'envelope' sticks in my head. I might not have the proper name for it. Is the button wood?

  5. I don't know what leather it is. I didn't think it is box, and am confused by it.


    JK2VINT 005TRIM%20.JPG JK2VINT 019%25.JPG
  6. with the nude blindstamp i thought maybe that WAS barenia...but up close ...I dunno...
    oh. well looking again it's not really nude is it? it's kind of dark but worn down maybe?
  7. It feels like wood, or wood with leather on it.
  8. It looks nude, that pic is just too close up.
  9. HG would probably know! but's it's only 5pm there, maybe she's working. Paging HG!!!
  10. Mine is wood, and looks like wood from memory varnished. It is not stained red. I am not with the bag to see if at one time it had leather on it, but I don't think so. I am not a leather expert but I'm betting box.
  11. The red one is a gorgeous Christine....I'd guess in box....rouge vif? Rouge H? It looks a lot like my rouge vif box wallet.

    I don't know the other one, but both are beautiful bags, hummingbird!
  12. Good Job Katel!
  13. Thank you, Katel! Do you know if they still make the Christine, or is it only in vintage now?

    GGA - I almost feinted when my friend took her *old bags* out of the boxes!!!!!!!!
  14. I'm vacillating between swooning and whimpering this very minute, h'bird!
  15. OMG. I love them!!!! I feel happy just looking at them.