NEED HELP to get my birthday present!!!

  1. I am thinking to get a purse that I can use for occassions. My budget is around $800. I was looking at DAMIER SPEEDY 25, EPI MONTAIGNE CLUTCH black...or you guys have any suggestion? I really Cant decide which one to get:crybaby:...Just know that 7/11 they will increase the price so I have to make up my mind and rush to store to make my purchase!! PLEASE HELP!!:sweatdrop:

  2. BY THE WAY, I am 24 now...
  3. Ha, I got the Damier Speedy 25 for my 25th birthday, so I might be biased to say Damier.
    They are all nice bags. Depends on what you want to carry them for.
    The 25 is definitely an arm bag, the clutches you can carry on the shoulder.
    Also, definitely go try them on at the store. You will know once you see them on you.
    Happy birthday and let us know which one you decide.
  4. I would get the speedy for sure. Its a must have.
  5. Epi montaigne clutch! It's so classy, it can definitely be used for nights out.
  6. I like the speedy.
    But maybe if its for fancy occassions, then a shoulder bag would be better? If so then epi clutch.
  7. If you are getting this for special occasions then definately go with either of the clutches, if you want an everyday bag then get the speedy. :tup:
  8. I would get the damier speedy and you can get a cles or a key holder to go with it. Happy Birthday.
  9. damier speedy! can't go wrong with it, day or night.

    happy early birthday!
  10. speedy!
  11. I'd get the Speedy..IMO you get the most for your money. Happy birthday by the way!
  12. the speedy can be used daily and for special occasions.
  13. If I was in your situation, I would get the damier speedy and try to squeeze enough money for an epi pochette. Goodluck with your purchase and happy birthday.
  14. Happy b-day! I love the Epi clutch but it limits when/where you can where it. So since you want something to be multi purpose I would go for the speedy.
  15. Epi Montaigne. Happy Birthday.