Need help to find Chanel logo pendant

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  1. Would like to get some help to locate a Chanel logo necklace made of swaroski crystal. I saw it on the reference thread. But i have asked several if my SA , they all don't have it . please Pm me if you see one.... thanks in advance. So far I only find one with one pearl attached but I would like to find one with just the Chanel logo.
  2. :useless:
    can you post a picture?
  3. Hi,

    Here is the code for it retail $185

    00v a28942y02003 color code z2371

    CC in crystals and silver hardware short chain
  4. I saw it at BG not long ago
  5. ^ Do you remember how long ago you saw it at BG? I asked my SA there last week and he said that he doesn't have any more. I've also been lookiing for this necklace with no luck.
  6. They have these in the UK stores, I got one a couple of weeks ago.
  7. thank you for the information.. hopefully I can find a nice SA that is willing to look it up for me..
  8. There was the necklace w/ the small Chanel logo made in swarovski crystals at BG this morning. It is in the jewelry display case. I think it is the same one you are talking about. Call Joseph @ BG (212) 753-7300 if you are interested
  9. NYcavalier: Oh.. thank you.... I will try to call him today... too bad I am in conference call now :P.. hopefully it is the same one...
  10. I got one for my niece at Nordstrom Portland just before Christmas. They had a couple more.
  11. Thanks Sarafina77... I am now waiting for response from my local chanel boutiques.. (the style number definitley help).. since they are sold out too.. they are trying to locate one for me...
  12. i got mine from the chanel boutique in short hills in september, i dont think it should be too hard to find
  13. Yay... I used the style number to ask my local Chanel sa to get the necklace... I will go pick it up tomorrow!!!
  14. Thank you so much for everyone help!!! I picked up the necklace on Friday!!! And i love it,... And i also picked up a little something hehehe will post pics on the main Chanel thread for reveal !!! Again my SA said tha there aren't that many in the system . maybe selected store still have some... So if anyone want it better get it soon!!! I love the silver tone since it matches my jumbo in silver hardware !
  15. Does anyone know if any sa's have this necklace that are willing to ship to Australia? They have been sold out here for ages!
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