Need help to decide ^^

  1. Hi Balenciaga experts!
    I'm a newbie in Balenciaga.. :p
    First of all,
    I've decided a City in RH for my first Balenciaga, hehe.. , the problem is I am still confused in deciding the color.. .. , either Sandstone or Rouge Vermilion ?
    I don't like black-colored bag actually.. but yesterday I saw a black city (the one and only city left) in Barney's (Seattle), it's tdf! anyhow.. black is going to be my last option for now..

    (My friend is going to LA tomorrow, I hope he will be able to help me to find the 'one' :p)

    TIA!! :heart::idea::heart:

  2. Welcome!! Go for sandstone!! It is a great color, and the leather on all the sandstone cities I've seen here are gorgeous!! :yes:
    I have the sandstone and rouge (vif) cities. I don't use the rouge too often since it's harder to match with my clothes (plus, the color is a bit too bright for me sometimes), but it's the opposite case w/sandstone.
  3. really thanks for the fast response!! :p:p
    Now, I'm in dilemma between black and sandstone..
    the black city I saw yesterday is still haunting in my mind.. :sweatdrop:
  4. I also live in Seattle and I saw that black city you're talking about at Barneys last weekend. I was actually sad that the leather was better than mine..:sad:
    If you don't like black bags, I think you should get the sandstrom, it is a nice color!!
  5. Wow, that must have been a great black city! :nuts:
    Black is classic, and it is a color that will always be available, but sandstone is only for this season and will probably be hard to find later on. Perhaps you can get the black for your 2nd bbag? :graucho:
  6. I would go for Sandstone. You'll get a lot more wear out of it. Bal produces some sort of red at least once a year. I would buy the sandstone'll totally fall in love with Bbags. Then you have enough time to save up for the new Tomato City RH in September! Tomato is gorgeous and lusty!
  7. I'm going against the grain....
    Get the black one that you saw in the store. You obviously really liked it and keep thinking about it.
    Yes, you can get black anytime but the leather can vary and it sounds like that one had TDF leather! And black is a classic in Balenciaga.
  8. WELCOME to this highly addicted group!:p I love my black City and I am getting a Sandstone Work soon. I would say get a Snadstone because it will go with EVERYTHING! Make sure and post pics of what you end up getting! CONGRATS on your first BBag but surely not your last!:devil: :yahoo: