need help to decide which timeless clutch to get


which leather suits best for the black timless clutch?

  1. Patent

  2. Lambskin

  3. Cavier

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  1. Hi all,
    im getting a black timless clutch.however, having problem to decide which leather should i get! i have the patent, lambskin and cavier hold on for me at my local chanel boutique! Please share ur thoughts here!
    thank u very much!
  2. I voted for lambskin--assuming you won't use a clutch all the time, it shouldn't need the durability of caviar leather. I think patent would be really nice too!
  3. I say caviar since it's a clutch and your fingers will be all over it and of all three, the caviar will show the least marks. Right now I'm loving patent leather, but you don't want a black patent clutch because you will see fingerprints all over it.
  4. As much as I actually LOVE the look of the patent, I think that since it's a clutch and you'll have your hands all over it, it probably isn't the best choice since it will show finger prints.

    I voted for the Lambskin because of the look. I think it's just so elegant and perfect for evening.

    If you plan to carry it often however, caviar would probably be the better choice simply because of how durable it is. Tough choice!
  5. I love the lambskin most in terms of looks.
    Have you seen the perforated one in white/black? I really like that one.
  6. I would probably lean towards caviar, because you will be handling it constantly, and it's most durable. Patent is beautiful, but I don't know if the finger prints would bother you... personally, I would probably get the caviar clutch! Good luck! :smile:

  7. I would get the caviar or the patent. I have a patent flap and I really don't have problems with finger prints, but then again, I'm using a chain.
  8. I would get the lambskin because it's nice and soft...
  9. I have the patent. It doesn't get fingerprint marks and is super soft. So, really it depends on what look you want. Caviar is not as dressy IMO. Lamb and patent are dressier, but very different looks.
  10. I would go for caviar for the reasons listed above. It's gorgeous too.
  11. i decided to get caviar....i dont like scratches and feel better with caviar (especially with the recent puking episode i encountered).
  12. I voted caviar...since it's so durable...
  13. Caviar
  14. i like the looks of lambskin better:p
  15. I like the caviar