need help to decide which lugage piece to get next

  1. Hi all.. I need your help in the next 24hrs..................
    I already have my Keepall 50, but its not enough to carry all my stuff when i go away. So im thinking of getting another piece.. now i dont know which one i should get..
    Im torn between
    1, another damier keep all 50
    2, mono carry all... and HOw many size that carry all comes in?

    Please help..
    Btw, i dont wanna check them in, so please dont suggest anything that is too big..
  2. The Carryall only comes in one size. How about the damier keepall 55 bandoliere or just the regular damier keepall 55? It's a little bit bigger than the 50 AND you can put it in the overhead compartment.
  3. I like the Carryall, although I personally own a Keepall.
  4. i know the size of Carryall from the website, but never see it IRL, anyone had pics? And how much stuff can you put inside? Thanks heaps...
  5. The carry all is nice, I love the red tobago.

    How are you traveling? The Alma voayge is really unique too.
  6. I'm about 5'11" and I had the carryall which I later exchanged for the pegase 60. I thought the carryall looked too much like an oversized purse so I got rid of it, but now I want it again for school.
  7. Hi there, i dont think i will have the heart to carry the Alma as luggage hehe. :crybaby:
  8. I wish i could afford the pegase.. i only have 1.5k budget..:shrugs:
  9. took me a while to save up for it, but I'm glad I went with it, cause it's soooo handy! Good luck with your decision!!! ;)
  12. Have you looked into the evasion? They surprisingly fit a lot of stuff and it's really convenient for packing for a couple nights away. There is even a bottom vinyl shoe compartment to keep your shoes off of the clothes. It's $1250. My boyfriend also uses this as a gym bag once in a while, so it can have more than one purpose!
    The excursion is only $650 which is a smaller version of the evasion. It says it was designed for carrying shoes but if it looks anything like the interior of the evasion it would work fine as an overnight bag I believe. That is actually an amazing deal for a bag this size!
  13. if you are planning to buy in the LV Boutique, have the SA give you suggestions. I went to purchase my Pegase60 and she went over every piece of luggage, just for kicks, to show me what is good for somethings, and how other pieces are useful for things other than what was planned for by LV.

    So little time, so many to choose from, huh?
  14. if you're not going to carry your luggage separately, i suggest the damier keepall.....
    if you intend to bring them together at a time i'd say go for the mono carryall....
  15. I have the Damier Keepall in the 55 with a strap. This can carry quite a bit and still fits in the airline overhead. I love it!:heart: