Need help to decide what to get

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  1. I am going to be mother of 2 with in this week :P
    so, i am thinking to get a bigger bag for myself, as a "mother present" :P , and use for it as a diaper bag for a while, but i can't decide what to get between 3 bags, hope you ladies can help me.

    Its between:
    Palermo PM
    Totally MM (probably will get the Damier Azur)
    Batignolles Horizontal

    I already have NF MM and Speedy 30 in Ebene, and i'm thinking isn't Batignolles its kinda like NF MM? just the handle is bigger a little bit?
    Also for the Azur print, is it more like use it for summer time?

    Just have so many questions to get 1 bag :P

  2. For a mommy bag, I'd go with the totally because the zipper and side pockets will come in so handy. I love the BH as well.
  3. Palermo PM might be a bit small the first year with bottles, diapers, clean clothes etc. but the GM would be perfect. Totally MM or GM are great too! I would go for a zipper.
  4. Totally MM or GM but in Mono so you would use it all year round :tup:
  5. Palermo!
  6. Azur Totally!!
  7. congrats on the babies....palermo hand's down!
  8. First of all I would like to congratulate you on the soon-arrival of your second child.:biggrin:

    As the mother of two, I was never into really big diaper bags. So, out of all the bags that you mentioned, I would say to get the Palermo PM. I think that it would be sufficient as a diaper bag and it would transition nicely into a regular bag in a couple of years when your little one is older! It is versatile and can be carried different ways. The strap will be handy for hands-free days. You will probably get more use out of the handles when you are out without your children...yes, those days do come! The bag can be dressed up or dressed down.

    Well, that's my two cents! I hope this helps! Again, congratulations! I wish you well!:balloon::balloon::balloon:
  9. I would get the totally for a baby bag
  10. First of all, i want to thank you all for the congrts. :smile:
    i probably need more opinions, i just can't decide which one to get, i will go to LV store to try it out myself tomorrow, just to see how it looks on me and useful...
    I am thinking i probably would need a cross body bag, so when my kids grow up, i got my hands free, just like OCDLV said, but we'll see.

    And i want to you thank you all for helping me decide, even though, i still don't know yet :P
    Hopefully i can decide before my due date :P
  11. I'd get totally for a diaper bag because of the handy pockets on the outside also. I am a mother of 3 boys so I know how handy the extra pockets can be ;)
  12. Get the totally. My sister has one (and a six month old!) and she loves it.
  13. I am a mom of 2 and love my BH, but the totally does have the outside pockets. I am trying to get a new bag and can't decide either LOL.
  14. the totally would be the best
  15. Totally