Need help to decide- courchevel GHW or Box leather GHW Boloide?

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  1. Hi ....
    I have a chance to buy either Courchevel GHW Bolide or a box leather GHW Bolide...
    I am confused .. I love both of them... This will be my second Hermes bag :heaven: :oncloudnine: :smile:
    Please help me decide....
  2. Hi there Dietkutts.
    Ummm would you mind sharing which colour they would be in and their sizes please ?
    It'll be easier to choose then I think.
    Though difficult to say no anything in box leather but it does shows wear, scratches and tear easier than Courchevel.
  3. Hi
    Sure - 1 is black box and other is tan both 37 size ... Both colors are awesome....I too love box leather just looks to me - so classy :smile:
  4. Ahhh. You have great options there.
    My understanding is that box leather Bolide in size 37 are not in production anymore for a number of years now. Got this information from Perlerare, she has amazing knowledge about H. Size 31 is more common to find in box leather although that's perhaps because of most people prefer it in this size. (I'm talking about pre-owned pieces though)
    Tan/Gold Courchevel in size 37 will look fresh and will not look too bulky because the bag is rigid and big, and not too sensitive to scratches like box leather.
    I personally have 2 box leather Bolides which I love, so a bit biased there. :smile:
    Given the choice to me, I'll pick black box Bolide any day. It's a classic must have, just as a Black Box Kelly GHW.
    If the BBB (Black Box Bolide, ha!) condition and price point is ok for you, then we will just have to wait for your reveal! lol
  5. Yep!!! I called the lady and she clarified box bolide is 31 size - you are amazing !!! She thought both were 37 but when I told her what you said she checked again and got back to me :smile: also the black box bolide has strap the other one does not- would that make a difference?
    Both are preowned bags...
  6. Hi, Dietkutts,

    What a delicious dilemma! You might wish to consult the 'Ode to Bolide' thread in the Clubhouse, and read discussions about the different leathers.

    I disagree that the 37 Gold Courcheval will not look bulky--it will be relative to your size/height. It will be rigid. I have a natural chamonix 31 and it, like courcheval, is rigid. Courcheval may not be "sensitive" to scratches, but, unlike box, if scratched, won't develop a patina. Once Courcheval is scratched or nicked, it's scratched or nicked. It can't be repaired. It's a stamped and coated leather, and that coating can't be repaired at spa. Someone here who has a (beloved) rather large Epsom bag advised me not to order a 37 Epsom Bolide just for that reason (so I ordered clemence). (Epsom and Courcheval are similar/same, different names for different eras of production.)

    The absence of shoulder strap would make a big difference to me, but I definitely want to be able to have the shoulder-carry option. That is a purely personal call.

    I would say the black box Bolide would be a go-anywhere, to all but the most-formal (i.e., not black tie where you would carry a clutch) occasions, to casual. The 37 gold will be more casual due to color and size, IMO. Hope this helps! Enjoy whichever one you choose!
  7. Thanks VnSoie!
    I agree... I think I should go with black box with strap as it is more functional ... And I am 5'3" so I guess 31 is a good size for me.. And I would like to use it as my everyday take to work bag ... And I think an iPad could fit in right?
    Thanks again for the info about the leathers...:smile:
  8. Since you own this exact bag, I guess I'm confused that you are asking about what it's like to have one??
  9. I learnt all this information here on tPF. That shows I hang out here far too much! lol It's an addiction!

    Ahhh, the no long strap thing will be a deal breaker for me. Same as a Kelly. I love Bolide and Kelly because of the optional long strap. It's very important for me because I travel a lot.
    Sounds like you've made your decision though? :smile:
  10. I agree to disagree VnSoie. lol I actually said that the Gold Courchevel 37 Bolide will not look Too bulky. Not that it won't look bulky at all.

    I'm about your height Dietkutts, at almost 5'4" and slim built, but I like big bags and Need big bags, hence I chose the size 37. Size 31 Bolide is too small for my daily use.
    Attaching few pictures of my black box Bolide 37 and green gulliver Bolide 31 for size comparison and also comparison of iPad 1 size with them.
    My iPad 1 with the cover just barely fit inside Bolide 31 horizontally, but you have to put it right in the middle of the bag and spread your other stuff around it. iPad will not fit Bolide 31 standing up.
    Hermes Bolide 37 vs 31.JPG iPad in Bolide 31 Vertical.jpeg iPad in Bolide 31 Horizontal.JPG iPad in Bolide 37 vertical.JPG
  11. Courchevel GHW Bolide
  12. size 37 please!!! good luck!