Need help to decide! Black/flamma or tumble Blu

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  1. I need help deciding between two mini Buckets! I'm choosing between two, and I have pros/cons and questions for each

    - I already have a regular black/flamma, so would it be silly to have a mini of it?

    Tumbled leather in blu
    - is the blu closer to navy? The website color looks a lot lighter, but other real-life images makes it closer to navy, which I would prefer.
    - What's the leather like?

    I was also considering the brandy, but my wardrobe is mostly blue, white, black, and gray, so I think I'm better off sticking with these two options.
  2. I love the veg tanned black and flamma and if you like it I see nothing wrong with getting it in the mini also. I love the structure of these bags rather than the tumbled leather. I have the Brandy reg bucket and love the patina it is developing. I find it compliments neutrals. Good luck with your decision.
  3. Black for sure. I prefer the veg tanned to their other leathers. I'd probably more lean towards black/marina but black flamma is gorgeous too.
  4. I have both the veg-tanned black mini bucket and blu tumbled leather mini bucket. I use both quite a lot but for different looks. I would say the black veg-tanned (I have black/ballerina) mini bucket is a bit dressier so I use it more during the work week and the tumbled blu mini bucket on weekends. And yes, the Blu is definitely more of a darker navy blue.
  5. Thank you for your input, ladies! My bag just shipped and maybe I'll post a reveal once I get it!