Need help to decide between 07 black ggh and 08 EB ggh work

  1. Need help to decide between 07 black ggh and 08 EB ggh work

    please help me pick out one bags. i would love to hear pro can con about these options

  2. Wow, both are beautiful, and without seeing, difficult to say. But according to the many experts on the Forum, 07 leather is outstanding, and Black is always a top option. So, I'll vote Black.
  3. thank for your vote i actually want both of them:biggrin::biggrin: The EB one is in like new condition the black one is in mint condition.

    do you think EB with GGH is practical? does it go with many out fit? mostly i wear whit and black and earth tone.
  4. EB GGH is a rare find! If it is in stellar shape I would choose that!
    But I love Balenciaga blues!

  5. well thank for your vote

    I agree with you, does EB go with many colors? Do you have any EB bags? my friends said that EB with GGH is a bit too much, what do you think about this statement?
  6. I have an EB GSH City and I love it! The GGH is a little more glam but GGH is gorgeous with EB. Do you have a pic?

  7. not at the moment but i have tried it on before since it's my friends, she is the on that said EB with GGH is too strong for her.

    can you please post some pics of yours ?
  8. As others have noted, finding an EB with GGH is truly a "find"!!

    Personally, I like the contrast of the GGH against the EB, but some might find it too "blingy". The Black/GGH is a classic, and the '07 leather was (IMO) one of the finest years ever!

  9. thank for your vote. do you have any pics of yours with EB?
    I'm actually a stocker of your posts. I love your taste and your bags ;)
  10. I have the '07 French Blue GGH PT (I think it's at/around Page 5/6 in my Bal-a-Palooza thread). Personally, I love it ..

    I did have an EB GSH Coin Purse; pics below ...

  11. thank for pics they are beautiful. i think now my mind is leaning toward EB lol
  12. Electric Blue! :girlsigh:
  13. i think EB GGH is gorgeous!!! although black is always safer for a long run since you cna only use work with the handle if you worry about darkening
  14. thank for wise advice i will take that in consideration
  15. Electric Blue..... stunning color and IMO very versatile, I can wear a blue bag with everything.
    It's true that the 07 leather is outstanding but a lot of the 07 Black's tend to turn greenish, I'm a true 07 lover but 07 Black... no way!
    I'll go with EB, a rare find with GGH, stunning! A true gem.
    Good luck