Need choose between chocolate and anthracite

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  1. Hi,

    I've just bought a large muse in chocolate from my local boutique but is in a dilemma whether I should be exchanging it for the anthracite (I went in the store intending to get the anthracite but the SA persuaded me otherwise). I need feedbacks from the TPFers who have the anthracite to help me with the following:

    (1) The SA at the boutique mentioned that anthracite's colour will change over time where the areas in contact with our clothes will be of a different colour (a matt greyish colour. Does it really happens? How does the matt greyish looks like? Awful and obvious?

    (2) Is this more prone to scatch compare to chocolate?

    (3) Is the water stains more obvious on anthracite?

    (4) Is maintenance of the anthracite harder than chocolate? I'm pretty rough with my bags and easy maintenance is high in my priority.

    (5) The SA mentioned that we can't use leather cream and protectant on anthracite. Is this true? If yes, how did you guys protect and maintain the bag?

    Would appreciate that someone can help me with this. I'm really going nuts thinking about it.:confused1:
  2. If easy maintenance is a high priority for you, then I think your SA was right to steer you away from the Anthracite and towards the Chocolate. I know that there are Anthracite owners who haven't had specific problems with their bags and you can always get some care tips to help prolong the metallic layer on the leather, but generally metallics are higher maintenance and won't wear as well if you tend to use the bag often and hard.

    It sounds to me like you really love the Anthracite color but worry whether it's right for you considering how you plan to use the bag and I can understand that. At one time I went through the same dilemma with an Ivory Muse which I decided, in the end, wasn't right for me. So I think what you need to ask yourself is whether you like the Anthracite enough that you'd still prefer it over Chocolate even if it were showing some wear, or if it would be preferable to you to have a color that maybe isn't your first choice but might appear to be in better shape after some rough use.

    The compromise would probably be getting the Anthracite, but not using it as an everyday bag or at least not in bad weather or situations where there's more potential for it to suffer damage and just being conscious of its maintenance when you're using it. One thing that would help is to carry it on your arm rather than up on your shoulder to minimize the contact and rubbing with your body and clothes.
  3. Wait for Ms. Piggy -- she's got a lovely anthracite and she'll be able to help you.
  4. I have had an anthracite Muse for about 3 months now and have not noticed any problems with wear, scratching, or stains...HOWEVER, I have not used this bag as an everyday bag, because I too am quite rough with my bags and don't feel that this one would withstand my typical use. I also have a chocolate Downtown bag that I've pretty much used every day; it is far more durable than the anthracite but even that has gotten some scratches.

    I have not used any creams or protectants on the anthracite, but you can do a search on this forum to find that some PFers have used on their metallic pieces without much damage.

    I never intended my anthracite to be used daily or as my workhorse bag, and have treated it as such. IMO if you're looking for an everyday bag, you've made the right decision in getting the chocolate.
  5. Thanks alot for your advice,FanAddict and shazam.

    Looks like chocolate is more for me ya. Probably would wait for more comments for other athracite users before I conclude.
  6. I just saw this thread (ok, have not been checking the YSL board lately, been distracted :shame:smile:. Like Fan Addict, I too do not use my anthracite Muse as a work horse. So far, no wears or scratches as well. And I do not apply anything on the bag as I generally don't for all my bags. I would agree on the whole the Choc, being buffolo skin would wear better on the long run if you intend to use it as a daily bag. However, in terms of asthetics, I think the anthracite wins hands down. Its edgy chic is truly outstanding. And a great neutral.
  7. I own an Anthracite and I think that color is stunning. There are tons of silvers or pewters, but I think YSL makes just the perfect shade of it! I agree with Ms Piggy -- the anthracite wins, but if you're looking for an every day bag, then keep the Chocolate... Having said that, I've been told by my SA that the Muse is definitely staying and they'll always make the classic colors of Chocolate, Black, Ivory, but not necesarily Anthracite, so this might factor into your decision too! Good luck!
  8. Dear all, for your kind comments. I have decided to end my "mini saga" for me and stick to chocolate instead. I still love anthracite lots but at the end of the day, the muse would be a workhorse for me and anthracite might not hold up as well.