Need help to authenticate a Kooba..can you check out this one for me?

  1. I took a peek. I know nothing about that seller but did not see anything that would frighten me about them.

    The photos of the bag look good, the side view of the interior zipper pull is good, showing the taper from skinny to fat. The leather and structure look good. I have the baby sister of this bag, the Frankie.

    But....I am not an expert, only one with an eye for what it SHOULD look like. Have others take a peek too and see what the consensus is on the bag.

    Good luck to you.
  2. I agree that the pics look good. However, the seller did recently sell another Kooba Scarlett in Desert using the same pictures. It looks like he's got a small inventory of Koobas right now though, so perhaps there were just 2 Scarletts. It may not be the exact bag that you'd get though (b/c of using the same pics)... so proceed with caution.
  3. Yea, I agree with those guys. It's one of those "on the edge" auctions. They look okay but there seems to be a slight risk invloved because there is no track record of bag selling to look through and the seller has relatively low feedback. I call it a "Gray auction". Just not black and white and there may or may not be a risk.