Need Help : This Or That WOC

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  1. Which one should I buy? Both are pre-loved. I now have only one mini square black caviar.

    TIA :biggrin:

    P.S. Pictures from google

    Attached Files:

  2. Pink one is super cute.
  3. I like the Camellia WOC too. It's really beautiful in person.
  4. #2. My friend has a red camellia woc and its been almost 3 years but it is still beautiful.
  5. Wow... that is silver is very funky! Love the look of that one!
  6. I vote for the WOC. But it really comes down to which one fits your lifestyle more.
  7. The pink is lovely!
  8. Pink camellia, no question about it
  9. The pink is cute but the other is cool! I think you should look at your wardrobe and decide what would go best with your outfits. And which more versatile during the seasons..
  10. Definitely the pink WOC. U will love the design. No offence to anyone , the first one in the picture looks like a cheap Chanel though I know Chanel is never cheap !

    I have a blue camellia WOC and it's sooooo gorgeous.
  11. The pink WOC for sure. So pretty
  12. I have been in a pink mode lately! Which never I say pink:loveeyes:
  13. Pink looks like a better bag. It's better made.
  14. +1 for WOC!
  15. Pink camellia WOC!!