Need help, thinking of buying

  1. I really want a balenciaga giant brief in white. I tried to search for threads but nothing came up. Is this not a good bag to buy? Can anyone give me pro/cons, I would really appreciate it.
  2. Is this to be a frequent use / long term investment or a bag for just occasional / short term use?

    I don't have a white B-bag but from what I have read here I would be concerned that the handles would darken from use and that the leather might yellow.
  3. Pro's: It's a beautiful bag to buy!

    Con's: It's white : ) It can be very hard to keep looking like new. I guess as long as you know it will show the dirt, especially the lacings on the handles, and you know that there can be dye transfer from clothing, and you are comfortable with that, then go for it : ) Apple Garde can help, but I don't think that Apple Garde can totally protect.

    I love the look of white/ off white/ ivory balenciagas, but the maintenance and worrying about getting it dirty are too much for me to own one!

    I wish you well,

  4. thanks for your responses. I have always wanted a white bag and this one is gorgeous. I won't be using it every day just every so often.
  5. I have a GGH Brief in Truffle and I love the style.
  6. hopefully this will inspire you. ;) naturel brief gh! (sorry don't have a white one) but it's useful to put papers and stuff. the handles haven't darkened yet...

  7. I love the brief! One of my friends has a verrrrrry old white first and the colour is clearly not what it once was, but it is a beautiful distressed ivory. Somehow she managed to not get any other stains/discolouration on it. Have you considered RH? You can't go wrong with RH!
  8. the nature is gorgeous. I think I am going to go with ocean blue, then if I really love the bag go ahead and buy it in white.
  9. good luck! i love ocean with GSH. beautiful color. post pictures when you get it! :smile:
  10. I also have Brief in Anthracite, love the style! For White 07 City, I don't feel that it needs too much take care but you just have to put more careful when using it, however, White BBag is very amazing color!
  11. OMG I did it! I just purchased the ocean brief, should be here on Saturday, will post pics as soon as it arrives. I have always been a huge LV fan, but lately all I want is balenciaga.
  12. Congratulations! Ocean is so beautiful. Did you get giant silver hardware or gold? xx
  13. Regarding the searching...I pointed out a long time ago on the Feedback Forum that searching for "brief" yields nothing. Try searching for "breif" and you'll at least get some results in threads where people happened to spell it wrong (including this thread, now that I typed that ... ;) ).