Need help/suggestions!!!

  1. For my birthday (June 2nd) my boyfriend is going to buy me a new purse (he's looking to spend around $300) ... ANY suggestions as to what he should get me are welcome :yahoo:
  2. What styles do you like?
  3. Here's a thought-go to the Coach site and pick out a few bags that you like. Then we can go from there!:yes:
  4. I like signature, legacy, carly and some hamptons stuff (so pretty much everything! ;) ) ..
    and I usually like the bigger bags as opposed to something like the demi, small flap, swingpack etc...
  5. ... I've been on the Coach site ALL day (ever since my boyfriend told me he was going to buy me a new purse lol)

    I want to go to the outlet store and see what they have there but so far I'm kind of thinking...

    * Signature Multi Stripe Tote ($278)


    *Signature Stripe Reversible Tote (In Khaki/Chocolate) ($268)

    *Hamptons Weekend Tote (In White) ($198)

    *Coach Ergo Signature Hobo (In Brass/Khaki/Mahogany) ($268)

    *** Does anyone own these purses? I kind of want to see how they look on someone...

    SORRY the pics are so big.. I'm at work and can't resize :rolleyes:
  6. *Signature Stripe Reversible Tote (In Khaki/Chocolate) ($268)

    I like this in the Khaki/Blue combo
  7. I have these 2..but in different colors...for the record, I'm about 5'9"...

    Reversible in Gold:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Hamptons Weekend Tote in Green:
    (I bought this in MARCH and haven't used it yet! eep! I'm waiting for it to be WARM here in New England...I'd feel weird carrying this until at least June 1!)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. i'd say get the ergo..its a nice bag, and very light, you'll love it
  9. hampton's tote or ergo.

    the signature multi stripe i think is a bit tacky, the sig with the one color stripe in nice in some colors like punch, crimson, gold, and brown, maybe white....i think your BEST bet is the ergo OR the hamptons tote.
  10. Thank you so much for posting pictures!! Your hamptons tote in green looks adorable.. ahhh now I'm conflicted!!!! :sweatdrop:
  11. Thanks for your input! .. I definitely want to see how much I like them in person/on me.. so I'll check out the other colors while I'm there!! :yes:
  12. You should check out the Signature Stripe Tote in Crimson. I have it. You have to order it from Coach, they don't carry it in the stores anymore. The crimson colour is gorgeous and it's a year-round bag. I'm 5'8'' and it's a perfect size for me and holds a TON. See below and good luck deciding, you lucky girl!
    bag1.jpg louiebag3.jpg sarahmodel.jpg stripebagside.jpg
  13. I would pick something that could go through all seasons, not just spring/summer.
    I would go w/ ergo or sig stripe in khaki/chocolate.

  14. Ahhh! Thank you! That is gorgeous!! :yahoo: ... I'm just so afraid of getting it before I see it in person (especially because I am going on vacation right after my bday and I want to take my new bag ;) )
  15. That's a good point.. I would feel weird using the Hamptons Tote in November or something :push: