Need help - suggestions on IPOD case

  1. My 14-year-old son saved his money to buy an Ipod. He really wants to spend wisely on his case selection. He wants something to protect it from being scratched or damaged if it is dropped.

    He wants to wear it playing golf, so something where he could clip it on his belt.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? He has been searching the Internet and the local Best Buy, Circuit City and is just confused.

    Any help is appreciated. :heart:
  2. Belkin does some great sturdy ipod cases.... I have one for my teenager.
  3. I would def. go for one of the hard cases that snap together, after my son ruined his first ipod, it was the best investment I ever made.
  4. Twinkle and Rose: what kind did you purchase?

    Passerby: it's the one with video on it. Really don't know.

    Thanks for your suggestions. Keep them coming.
  5. Agent 18 shield, comes in all sizes.

    Specs: Practically invisible, the Agent 18 VideoShield safeguards without sacrificing iPod style and without adding the bulkiness of other covers. This simple snap on/snap off design delivers a force field of protection for your 30GB iPod with video, including an ultra clear screen protector. Yet it still allows easy access to all of the connectors and the hold switch.

    The Apple Store (U.S.) - Agent 18 VideoShield for 30GB iPod

    Good luck, I really like this one, for toughness and you don't have to take the case off to fit it in the speakers, etc.
  6. ^^Thanks TT. taht looks great. Do you have that one?
  7. I got the Belkin hard case, I will try to find a pic for you...
  8. Oh, Rose. That's so sweet. I can find the pictures. Just need the particulars. He is really stressing over this. Thanks so much.
  9. It's really sweet he is stressing over it.........not my teen!! I could not find the Belkin one we have but I posted some similar ones. I also have a waterproof kit which is very handy on trips to waterparks etc (got one for the ipod and one for the cell phone, after numerous accidents!). Again, you should be able to find them on
  10. Yes, we all have one now...bought it for younger son (12) for nano, it worked so well, we all got one...oldest son, me and DH for the 30G....yes we're the IPOD know it's bad when the 6 year old keeps asking for 1....we got him an expensive MP3, as a starter.

  11. OOO...Rose, do you really like your waterproof one? What brand is it?

    I have been looking at them, but the reviews on cbest are really mixed, so I was hesitant to plop down the 100-150 bucks for it.
  12. Thanks girls. I wish I could give you some karma points. Very sweet of you to go to all that trouble. i will have him read the thread when he gets home. Thanks again. ~hugs~

  13. I did'nt get an expensive one- not for my teen:roflmfao: !! I purchased a selection of aquapacs- they are absolutely wonderful. Can't live without them: aquapac