Need Help: Suggestions for New Fragrance

  1. Hi, I need help looking for a new perfume.

    Currently all I own is Fresh's Sugar ... I love it but I want something woodsey and sophisticated and sensual.

    I like Prada but that's more of a day fragrance. Looking for a seductive evening fragrance.

    Thanks! :flowers:
  2. I have pretty much worn the same purfume since the 7th Grade...I just turned 29 and with ALL the perfumes I have smelled the ONLY one I will EVER buy is "QuelQue Fleurs" by was introduced in 1912 and I JUST LOVE IT!!!!
  3. Thank you. Where can I find this?
  4. hey i just got the jean paul gaultier 2 the ones that magnet together and its absolutely tdf, its classy and good for evening or daytime wear. i love it and get many compliments on it.
  5. Ooooh my new fav is Armani smells SO GOOD!!!!
  6. Tom Ford has made a new scent for Estee Lauder that smells like everything you described. I love it, its called Amber Nude.
  7. My Current Scents:
    Origins Ginger (daily blah blah)
    Gucci: Envy Me (day fragrance)
    Hermes: Jardin de Nil (evening fragrance)
    Stelly McCartney (one of my FAVS since the mess came out)
  8. I get a lot of compliments when I wear Allure by Chanel. It has a scent that is kind of woodsy/spicy. You have to wait awhile after you put it on to smell the "actual" scent on you. (I hope that makes sense!)

  9. Ahhhhh you read my mind!!!!:yes: :yahoo:

    It's a gorgeous fragrance!

    I just bought a huge 100ml EDP bottle of Allure (still sealed) off Ebay for £25 off retail, so it pays to shop around (just double check what you're buying before you bid):flowers:
  10. I like:
    CK euphoria
    gucci envy me
    amor amor
    estee lauder beautiful sheer