Need help: Small Sasha Duffle or Normal Sasha Duffle?

  1. Ok, i'm 160cm tall (so i'm... uh... short), and I wanted a bag for uni that can fit A4 sized books. I measured a book, then looked up measurements of the normal duffle and thought it would fit in fine, but it would completely overwhelm me because i'm so short. Then I saw a small duffle. I thought the small duffle was really cute, looked up the measurements and went 'hoooooly...'. The small one is huge too!

    So I was wondering, if someone owns a small duffle, could they please take a picture for me? I simply can't believe it's any small... supposedly it's only three cm small in length? I'm so confused. Even better is if someone has both of them and could do a side by side, thank you so much in advance!