NEED HELP! Small Rain Spots On Vachetta Leather

  1. hey girlies,

    i need your advice. i took one of my lv bags that has very light vachetta leather out over the weekend and it started to sprinkle. there are small rain spots all over the vachetta leather. it's not that noticeable, but it bothers me. is there any way that i can fix it? i've read that some of you use baby wipes to even out the leather. do the baby wipes darken the vachetta leather? i don't want the leather to develop patina prematurely. should i just wait until the leather naturally darkens and the spots become less visible? what would you do? i would post pics of the damage, but i lost my memory card and haven't had the chance to replace it yet. :sad:

    thanks in advance!
  2. Awww, srry yes the wipes will give a bit of a patina, ususally the spots dry (at least in my experience, and I dont even use anything to treat my vachetta!) by I guess sometimes they don't I belive waiting for a patina is all you can do. sorry! :flowers: but these bags are meant to be used, so enjoy it and it will eventually fade!!!
  3. I use Apple Leather conditioner and with a few applications it seems like any existing water stains will just fade with each application of the conditioner :yes: cleans the leather quite well too!
  4. Sorry to hear about that!! Good luck!! Karman gave some great tips:smile:
  5. Excuse my ignorance, but what is vachetta leather?
  6. Don´t worry about the spots, it´s life, it happens.

    Gem vachetta is the pale leather on handles.
  7. :yes:
    Never mind the spot, it's bound to get darker anyway.......
  8. thanks for the advice girls! :heart:
  9. can anyone post pics of the vachetta with rain spots, does it look that bad?
  10. Lauren this thread is almost 5 years old.
  11. yeah I know, but I just wanted to see if anyone had pictures or a link to one since i just recently got the speedy b bag, and im worried about rain spots :sad:

    sorry didnt know i wasnt allowed to post in here
  12. There's a pic in thread below. Or you can do a search for more.

    If you're worried, check out threads on protecting/treating vachetta. :smile: eg/
  13. The areser really works try to clean with eraser...its really works,