Need Help: Slinky White Dress for Ibiza White Party

  1. I need to make a good impression for an Ibiza White Party I'm going to. (Planning to seduce the man of my dreams. :nuts:)

    I like to wear white for day but I want something sultry for night.

    I'm looking for a slinky white dress, one that's super sexy and suggestive, like lingerie -- a satin slip -- but not quite that far. Any suggestions? The crowd is generally conservative....

    Any what kind of shoes/handbag?

    Thanks in advance for your help! :flowers:
  2. The problem you have is that white, traditionally looks slightly cheaper than any other colour anyway. The key to making white "sexy" (it traditionally symbolises innocence and purity to me!) is to make it super glamorous, but white and in your face might be abit too much. You want to make this guy fall over right :yes:

    I was thinking something grecian inspired like this Alexander McQueen one

    or something from Chloe, simple but so sexy and gorgeous

    Sorry, I know its prob not what you mean, and of course I dont know you personally, but with white, classy is ALWAYS the way to go :graucho:
  3. Thanks Chloe-Babe. :flowers:

    The links aren't working....

    I do like the idea of grecian-inspired.....
  4. here're a few options :P (all from neiman's)

    Mary L. Couture for $270

    Carmen Marc Valvo for $595

    Carmen Marc Valvo for $895

    ABS for $310

    hope you see something you like :flowers:
  5. a few more.....

    ABS for $440

    ABS for $380
  6. That first ABS dress is unbelievable!!! And the first Chloe one shoulder dress looks like a Calvin Klein dress that I wore to my 10 year high school reunion!! I think to this day it is still the most beautiful dress that I have ever worn. Mine was a little more fitted, and shorter, but I wore it with strappy gold sandals, and big gold cuff bracelets on each wrist...dangly delicate gold earrings. it also looked very grecian! I saw a bunch of beautiful dresses already posted.....I think that you could take your pick!
  7. Thanks jc2239!

    They're gorgeous but I don't think I want a long dress.... The second dress, the Carmen Marc Valvo, is sexy and slinky. Going to check out Intermix, Barneys, Saks and NM this weekend....
  8. Oh , you go girl ! I went to one there a few years back and wore a 70's Halston white ..excuse my french...coke-whore dress ( my friends and I called them that after Michelle Pfiefer's dress in Scarface ) . Marilyn monroe type halter neck . Floor Length . Slit up to there !

    I haven't seen it since !