Need Help! Should I keep the medallion tote?

  1. sorry this is a bit long:p

    I got this black Medallion Tote in black for my birthday from BF. I love it because this is the kind of classic bag that I would never get it myself.(I would only buy stuff with bright color or trendy style:p )

    I like it a lot but I come into a few problems.

    First of all, when I go home and open the box I don't see the ID card! I checked everywhere and finially called and left a message about the card. After called 3 times, they finally send my card out to me. (haven't get it, will get it tomorrow!)

    Another thing that concern me is that the sticker that have the id # inside the tote has about 1/3-1/2 of it not stick to the tag that was suppose to place the sticker.:yucky:
    I didn't want to move it but I don't want to lose the sticker when I use the bag. What should I do?:shrugs:

    I know it sounds like a small problem but I am pretty new to chanel and never have a tote before. I really want my chanel experience to be perfect.

    Thank you in advance!
  2. Where was the bag purchased? If it was at a boutique or department store you should be able to bring it back and exchange it for a bag that has a sticker intact.
  3. I got it at the chicago boutique. Hopefully they have another one.

    Thank you!:smile:
  4. goto the boutique and do an exchange
  5. Exchange for a perfect bag :yes:
  6. yea, try to exchange it.
  7. are you going to exchange it?