Need Help!!! Should I Get This??


    i've really wanted one of these for a loooooong time~~~~

    should i get it or not?? :shrugs: help!!!! in the past year i've bought 2 monogram bags, 1 damier coinpurse, 1 dior bag, 1 coach bag, 1 gucci wallet, and received a damier wallet as a gift.............omg, seems like im using so much money on these things!!!
  2. If you really like it, then I say get it! You'll be saving money on retail also!
  3. If you really wanted it, I would say GO for it!:yes::flowers:
  4. I would be hesitant about buying from this seller. Although she has a 100% positive FB someone did amend their original positive to claim seller sold her a fake and had trouble getting $$ back. Okay, that happens--maybe the wallet was a fake, maybe it wasn't, but I didn't like seller's attitude. There are much classier/professional ways of dealing with an unhappy buyer (and the buyer's neg FB didn't actually affect sellers rating, so seller could have been more professional). Also, seller's authenticity money-back guarantee is questionable. No LV manager will verify a fake over the phone to the seller so I see a loophole seller can use to get out of refunding.
    All in all, I just get a bad vibe here.
    Good luck!
  5. so...omg!! u are all giving me very different ideas!
  6. i don't know what to do,...the reason why i went to ebay was because i thought @ $855 for retail, this bag is quite expensive for the style, etc..this is the first time i'd buy a bag from i'm kinda worried..on the other hand i've always bought all my bags new...
  7. do u all agree with LushBaby?
  8. I used to have this bag and sold it....
    I would be hesitant to buy from him too because of that feedback. Also, I think you can get better price on ebay for that bag than that. Don't risk it if you are not desperate as you don't want to end up with fake
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  10. I agree with Lushbaby. I don't like his attitude as well,very unprofessional:sad:. I know you'll be saving $200+ but IMO it's not that a great deal anyway.
  11. Get it!!
  12. im receiving mixed comments...i have no idea what i should do..
  13. Follow-up by sandi42720: FOUND OUT FAKE..BUYER BEWARE..HARD TIME WITH REFUND....... May-17-06 16:05Reply by rhegin: lol.picture shows it. your just showing how idiot u are May-19-06 10:43[​IMG]

    What exactly does that mean, "Picture shows it" shows that it's fake??

    also on the buyers feedback:

    will not deal with u again. u are blocked!
    Seller rhegin[​IMG] ( 50[​IMG]) [​IMG] May-16-06 21:409314752701Reply by sandi42720: Sold me a FAKE Louis Vuitton wallet. Gave me a hard time about refunding. May-16-06 22:30Follow-up by rhegin: IDIOT, IGNORANT, DONT KNOW HOW TO SPOT FAKE. CHECK MY FDBCK

    Don't know how to spot fake?? Is he/she saying it's fake??

    I wouldn't deal with that seller. Wait for a better deal..
  14. You should get the bag, but not from that eBayer. :flowers:
  15. Get the bag...but I say buy it retail and save the headache!