Need help...shipping problem

  1. Hello all. I have been selling a few things on eBay these past couple of weeks with little to no problems. Well..there was bound to be one. Shipped a pair of Uggs shoes the day I recieved payment. Shipped USPS Priority in the Priority shoe box. No delivery confirmation. I typically only add that when the item is over $100.00. These sold for about $50.00. Anyway, shipped them 2/2 (still have usps receipt) and buyer emailed saying she did not recieve. Unconfirmed address...again, my mistake. She said she went to her post office and they do not have it. I am going to my post office today to check but doubt I will find anything there. What to do???
  2. As you don't have any way of tracking them you'll have to file an insurance claim with USPS and refund the buyer
  3. Well, DC is free when you print postage on Paypal. I always get a signature on a non-confirmed address.
  4. Too late for that now obviously. Can the buyer file an insurance claim? And, why would I have to refund her...shouldn't USPS refund her directly? I do have the shipping receipt as proof.
  5. You are the seller therefore it's your responsibility to ensure your customer receives the goods. If I'm the seller I would be the one who filed the claim, why should the buyer have the hassle?
  6. Just sounds a little off to me. I am not a retail store and I shipped and have proof of shipping. If someone took it from her doorstep how is that my responsibility? She could by lying after all.
  7. She could be and that's why you use signature confirmation......

    If the package was insured you'll get the money back from USPS to refund her anyway
  8. If you purchased insurance, then as far as a USPS claim you won't need a separate delivery confirmation. Typically the sender files the claim, not the buyer since you have the receipt.

    However, if she files a paypal claim she will win without you being to show online delivery confirmation. Also, since it was an unconfirmed address you don't have seller protection anyway. If I were you I would already start a USPS claim (if you bought insurance) since she will likely file a Paypal claim soon.
  9. Yes, but that is what the insurance is for. If they leave it on her doorstep and it is not released to a person I think USPS would pay the claim, UPS claims to.

    Although she could be lying, that is why it is really important to insure packages even if the buyer doesn't pay for insurance REQUIRE it.

    Look at it from the perspective of the buyer, if I sold you a bag and you never got it and I said "I shipped it" would you be okay with that?

    As far as the insurance, you have to file because you are the one with the receipt. USPS pays to the sender who holds the original receipt and the insurance form attached.
  10. To be cover under PayPal's seller protection you have to ship to a confirmed address and add delivery confirmation if the item is less than $250. When is higher you have to add signature confirmation. Is always the seller responsability to make sure the buyer receive the item. Also if you didn't buy insurance there's nothing you can do other than refund her. At least it was only $50 to learn from this experience and not a very expensive item.
  11. THanks for your input and info...just goes to show what you get when you are lazy..which I was in this case. She is not pushing the issue so far...we will see before I offer a refund and honestly she is a new ebayer with only 3 feedbacks so I am a bit skeptical.