Need Help-Second Thoughts about Design

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  1. Having second thoughts about my design for my e-ring and wedding band. The first image is what my original idea will look like. Recently I was thinking of having a thin diamond band setting for my e-ring and then getting two of the yellow diamond bands pictured below to go on either side of the e-ring. Opinions? My e-ring will be platinum do you think the gold and platinum will clash?

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  2. I like thinner settings, personally. However, I would prefer to stack the two thin bands below the ering. I think having a band on each side in a different color may detract from the center stone? Hard to know without seeing it.

    ETA: both are going to be gorgeous, so don't beat yourself up about this decision!
  3. I might prefer thinner setting, too. But the setting in the pic. looks really gorgeous and is seen less IRF, which is great! I sometimes have a band on each side in different color! I don't think it detracts from the center stone.:smile:
  4. I have a platinum engagement ring and have looked at getting two thin yellow gold diamond bands for either side. I love the idea, but haven't followed through on it yet.
  5. I think it would look unique, which is good IMO.
  6. I've always worn my rings on separate hands, a wedding ring on the right and engagement ring replacement on my left. I always wear the left hand ring but have several bands I switch up on the right. I'm not a huge fan of stacked rings, but I think both the options you've shown are really pretty!
  7. I vastly prefer your newer idea more, but I lean more towards you having a plain platinum setting, and then a variety of diamond bands, some white and some yellow/other. Keeping your e-ring simple and classic affords you much more in the way of jazzing it up.
  8. Thanks for the input ladies, I really needed reassurance on my new idea. I've been in love with yellow diamonds forever but decided against getting one for my center stone but still wanted to incorporate them somehow and I think it will be perfect. Do you guys think I should stack the e-ring than the two bands or a band on either side of the e-ring?
  9. I would either put the bands on the bottom, then the ering on top or flank one band on either side. The beauty of multiple bands is you can do all sorts of combos.
  10. Is the yellow you posted from Tiffany? I can't find it on their site.
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    ^The yellow bands I posted are from David Yurman bridal collection. That ring you posted is really pretty. Has anyone ever seen a white diamond surrounded with a yellow diamond hallow?
  12. The cool thing is that you could have options. You wouldn't need to wear it the same way every day. KWIM? Plus you could get different bands for anniversaries and have an entire collection.
  13. I like that aspect too. If I were you I would just get one for the wedding, and then get the next one when you have a baby, buy a house, one year anniversary, something like that.
  14. I think that would be beautiful! A yellow diamond halo around the white diamond center would be gorgeous. Especially if you're then going to add a yellow diamond wedding band.

    I definitely prefer the new ideas to the old. As beautiful as the old is, I prefer thinner bands for engagement rings. :smile: