Need help!!! Scavenger hunt or poem for xmas???

  1. Ok I need some help!!! :yes:

    My fiance wanted a home theater system for xmas. So I went out and got it but it comes in this HUGE box. I dont want to put it under the tree cause right away he will know what it is.

    So I wanted to make him go on a scavenger hunt around the house for clues....or I wanted to put a poem inside a box that was like a clue to what hes getting. But I am not so good with this kind of stuff. I did a scavenger hunt last year for one of his gifts so I kinda wanted to try something different.

    So I was wondering if you all could help me think of something different to do!!!

  2. anyone?!!!
  3. It's not too terribly creative, but you could always hide the box in a closet or something and then take the remote or maybe some thing else very small like a movie, etc and wrap that up in a different box and give it to him? That way he could get a small hint to his gift.
  4. i thought about that...about taking something out of the when i opened the box everything was packaged so perfect i was afraid to touch anything!! so that plan failed for me!