Need help... Sac squash for school???

  1. Hey Louis Lovers.... :wlae:

    This summer I am going to start my studies.... And I have three LV bags that I considered to take to school.... The mono soft briefcase, the mono sac bosphore and the abbesses messenger.... The bosphore is way too small for school stuff... a briefcase, I think, would look a little snobby (I primarly use it for my Laptop, since they do not make a Laptop case in mono) and I used the messenger when I graduated from high school but I only was able to use it if the skipped lessons, because I never managed to get all the books inside....
    So, I just saw the Sac squash, which actually is a hot bag, but if it is the same size as the abbesses it would be senseless.....
    So, is there anyone here who maybe owns the sac squash or has some experiences with it??? Or any other suggestions for a school bag (mono...!) where I'd be able to get a lot inside....

    Oh, btw....
    I just received the LV catalogue yesterday where there is the sac squash inside, but when I look at the site I can't find it anymore.... What happened there??? please don't tell me they do not sell this one anymore....:sad:
  2. They still have it. I reserve for one back here in LV store Indonesia. The price is almost double from abesses.
  3. I really do not want to sound snobby... but the price doesn't really matter since I turn 20 this summer and my mother gave me budget for LV to spend.... as long as I could use it as a school/college bag I'm fine....

    But thanks.... it's interesting because from what I see I don't see how it can be almost double the price as the abbesses....:confused1: But I guess that's LV... you probably should just buy it and not look beyond the sense of the price....:s
  4. Matt has a Sac Squash, you can look at pics in his collection thread
  5. The bag is over $2k and its discontinued, there may be some left.
  6. My brother JUST came back from LV downtown with it a few hours ago, it was one of 3 left in Canada, he loves it but he is finding the side pockets get in his way and my mother thinks it looks like a diaper bag :push::roflmfao: so he's going to return it sadly, he just found the side pockets MUCH too intrusive, not to mention he is 6'2 and the bag at the LONGEST length is at his waist but it looks great when it is worn against his back. He's gonna see if they can do a special order w/o the pockets and a red alcantara lining, I wonder, might be interesting.
  7. :yes:
  8. My Bro's was 1880 Canadian plus tax so in the states (it's 13% here so his WAS over 2k after taxes) if the taxes were a total of 8% or under it would actually come out to below 2k. Umm it is gone fromm the states as far as I know as we checked the whole inventory through the rodeo drive store and 866 when we were in L.A. There are three left in canada though, dunno how much that helps. eBay is another option some authentic ones do pop up from time to time.

    Oops, didn't see you were from germany, call your boutique asap! :yes:
  9. I believe the US retail price is $1,890.