Need help repairing purse


Jan 6, 2006
Hello everyone, my name is Traci and I'm new to this board. I discover this forum while searching for LV bags.

I have a 2 year old black mulitcolor Sologne. There's a rip/tear on the leather strap where it connects/stitched onto the purse. I was very surprised & disappointed that LV Sologne's are poorly made. I've notice that it might be a defect on that model because 1 of my friends have the same problem, but smaller rip. Do LV have a special repair shop that will fix/replace this kind of strap. Can I take it to a local shoe & purse repair shop? I'm just afraid/worried that with heavy wearing, the stitch and leather will certainly break someday. I wish the rip/tear was someplace else, because that's where it's crucial & holds up the purse.

Have you had this problem before? I love this purse so much and can't afford to spend over $1200 for another one that will probably have the same problem.
Again, thank you for your time and your help. Attached is a picture of my purse condition.


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My suggestion would be to take it to an LV boutique if you can. While they may not be able to repair it there, I'm sure they can either send it to the factory or an LV-approved repair outfit.
Wow, thank you for all your prompt replies. i will certainly take it to the nearest LV store which is about 1.5 hour away.

I'm just dissappointed on the leather/stitching quality for the Sologne purse. With the amount that we spend, we expect perfection and not defection. It was purchased on 3/2004 and aren't it suppose to last for many years like the vintage LVs.....

Unbelievable! Almost outrageous. Didn't expect it from LV. Bring it back and see what they say and PLEASE let us know the outcome.

I remember many years ago, my aunt took her bag with a broken zipper back to the LV shop, they simply did NOTHING! I was surprised but I think they must have better customer services now.
I'll update you on how LV will handle the repair. I called the shop and they said that it will take up to 8 weeks to send to California for any major repairs. Wow, that's a very long time.

Also, I was told that the repair job can range up to over $200. That's ridiculous for repairing a defect that's out of my control. I read in other message forum that LV will repair or replace any defective purses/bags free of charge. I'm not sure if they will consider mine in the same category since it was purchased on 3/2004.
I would try writing a letter. It won't hurt anything and they might actually repair it for free. It will all depend on how well their customer service is and how much they value their customer's satisfaction. Good luck!
Well, explain how it may be a defect as well, and if possible, try bringing in your friend's bag to show how it's occured on more than one bag. Also, if you ever bring your Louis Vuitton to somewhere like a shoe repair shop to fix problems, Louis Vuitton will not repair your items after that since it has been tampered with by another source. So I would definately go back to LV to get any repairs done !
The LV boutique I frequent has always told me that the most they'd ever charge for a repair is $25. Little things like zippers and stitching are free and would take only a few days. I don't know who told you that repairs cost over $200, but they're wrong.

Never take an LV to a third party for repairs. LV will not be liable for someone else's work and they will not work on your bag. It's the same reason Tiffany will not even steam clean jewelry that is not Tiffany.
it depends on the LV boutique that you go to.....some of their employees are just of the studs holding th ehandle on my mother's bag came loose and I went to an LV store to ask about repairs and the sales associate at 5th Ave told me it could run up to $300 dollars and that the studs cost $40 each.....ridiculous so we just held onto the bag.....a few months later we decided to just repair it anyway......took it to my local LV boutique in NJ and they charged me $14 i think......and that included shipping the bag back and forth for repairs....the sales associate told me the repairs were free or almost free most of the time.......
Good morning everyone. I just wanted to update you on my LV purse. I drove to the LV store on Friday night and left my purse there to be inspected. On Saturday this guy Shawn calls me and said that to replace both sides of the strap will be $79 (each) x 2= $158 total. They said that each ripped leather piece will be replaced and they will match the leather color to the exact match. I was a little upset to find out that it will cost that much to replace the strap. I explained to him my disappointment and why I spent over $1000 to get a good quality bag that will last me for years.

He said that he will call the California base company to see what he can do. He calls me back around 15 minutes later and said that the store will replace my purse with a BRAND NEW ONE and I can pick it up anytime. I am so shocked and happy. What great customer service. They said that it's LV's policy to replace any nearly new purses that has strap problems/defect.

So I'm picking my new purse up after work. I can't wait!!!!