Need help removing black line from discount store??

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  1. #1 Jan 11, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2009
    I just won a pair of my first Lanvin flats on ebay! Yay!!

    As you can see, they come furnished with the very special black line...probably from one of the outlet stores.

    So...the question is: ANYONE KNOW HOW TO REMOVE IT?? Any suggestions would be more than welcomed. Thank you!!

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  2. They're most likely marked like that to prevent an unscrupulous customer from returning them to the regular store. My J.Crew outlet moccasins are like that too. I don't really think there's a way of removing it.

    Congrats on the shoes!
  3. honestly, if this wasnt disclosed in the ebay listing, then i would say its SNAD. while i dont mind purchasing items from an outlet store or big discount store, i also dont want to advertise it...and since i ALWAYS slip my shoes on/off, its a significant non-disclosure to me.

    that being said, if it was disclosed, tis fine. i think it is permanent marker though, so i dont think it will ever come out. best option would be to find a permanent white "fabric" marker and re-mark the areas that should be white.
  4. Since it's on the inside of the shoe, if you wear them with bare feet, it will probably fade (and wind up on your feet, but of course it will wash off). Maybe try a Tide pen?
  5. Hmmm. A tide pen could work.

    The mark was disclosed in the auction (this is the auction photo)...what is SNAD?

    I got them for $200 so I hope they are a good deal. I saw them on the Barneys website for $595.

    Anyone try using the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser??
  6. mr clean magic eraser may help...but since thats all chemicals, be extra careful to not touch the leather. maybe you can put some painters tape around the label and then use it?

    maybe even try a clorox bleach pen...using the painters tape as well.

    SNAD...significantly not as described. no issue there though, since you were made aware of it! :smile:
  7. ^ Thanks, Nanette! I will try to protect the leather for sure.