Need help! Relocating soon.. how to Ship my CHANEL bags and Jewerly?

  1. This might be a weird question in this forum but I do need urgent help! I bought A LOT of Chanel costume jewerly, clothing and bags. They are not fine jewerly but they are still expensive stuff. So I would personally consider them to be valuables. But my problem is that I am relocating soon to another state(not within driving distance). I don't know how to move these things. I checked online, most of the moving guides suggested bring your valuables with you and don't leave them with the moving company. I can't bring them with me... with boxes they would be two trunk loads. Plus I am going to live in a hotel for a week before I find an apartment so I don't want to leave them in the hotel. Has anyone moved with their Chanel belongings before? What did you do? I also heard that to obtain any insurance on valuables during move you need to bring someone in to appraise and document them. I don't think people would come for bags and costume jewerly. Anyway, bid thanks to you ladies. This is my first relocation so any advice is highly appreciated!
  2. WOW, this is such a hard question and a tough situation., are you relocating through a corporation?-maybe they have a company that can appraise, ship and store in A/c till you find permanent quarters....I know here in Miami we have A/C warehouses, geared to high-end merchandise that will appraise, insure and store in A/C insured quarters. Otherwise, I would suggest taking your best bags with you, keeping them in the hotel in a suitcase in A/c until you move in to permanent quarters...since Saks, etc have A/C storage for furs, etc., that you pay yearly for, might they have storage for what you need?---just thinking out loud....:heart:H
  3. Two years ago, my DH and I relocated to Hong Kong!! Not easy at all - but what I did was all my jewelry came with me on the plane in my carry on. We each took three gigantic suitcases since our stuff was being shipped via boat and took 4 weeks to get there!! So I packed my bags in my carry on luggage - stuffed them with socks and things and wrapped them in their dust covers. I was never gonna let my bags on a ship! Coming back though, I had a problem because the amount of Chanels I had literally quadrupled - so I had to have them sent via ship - but each was packed in plastic to prevent long exposure to humidity and I watched as the packers wrapped each one individually. I personally took a few with me but I had no choice. Another thing - we had everything itemized and listed with the retail price and insured!! So if any of my bags got damaged - they would have to pay retail cost - that is very important! On the way there, one of our speakers to our stereo system broke and because we individually itemized and placed a value on it and filed it with the movers, we were reimbursed!!!

    Your move seems like it will involve a truck? I would carefully pack each one so as not to lose shape and cover them in their dust bags and then wrap in plastic.

    But again - make sure you have insurance !!
  4. Thanks so much for trying to help! I don't think the small relocation package I got includes any of that "high-end" service. It is pretty basic just for moving some furniture. I am so wary about bringing my best bags with me too for two reasons 1) I can only bring a tiny suitcase with me to board the plane. Big ones will need to be checked in and I don't want to check my bags. Have heard too many horror stories about airline losing checked suitcases. But really, how much can you fit into a carry-on:confused1:

    2) Even I do bring a carry-on with some of the most precious bags and jewerly squeezed in.. how about leaving them in a hotel? I can't imagine during the week I live in a hotel hauling my carry-on everywhere, even with me hunting for a new apartment. But to leave them in a hotel room, I am afraid is not safe at all. I am so torn!!!! We splurge so much on bags and other fine things and when it is moving what:love:
  5. Thanks so much for sharing. That is great information. How do you obtain the insurance? you buy property insurance yourself or buy it from your mover? do they have to appraise your items? what if some of my items are from years ago and I no longer have a receipt to prove its value? OMG! Relocating is such a headache:throwup:. But I had no choice in this matter. Thanks again for your kind help!
  6. Well you could just put your bags in your carry on and nothing else but I am one of those people that always packs essentials in case the airlines send my luggage somewhere I am not. I would keep the most important one on my person and put the rest in a suitcase or - why don't you send them via insured FEDEX directly to the hotel? It may cost a bit but it will give you piece of mind - again keep in mind you have a list and that list is in the hands of whoever touches your stuff.

    As for the hotel - not sure what hotel you are staying at but the larger chains do have in room safes and hotel safes - check into that. That is what I did before we moved into our apartment.
  7. You are awesome! I will pack the best bags in a carry-on with jewerly stuffed in it. Hope it won't bring me trouble checking in. And I will inqure about the services with the hotel. I never had the need to use such a service but it sounds fantastic. Thanks a bunch!!!:tup:
  8. Are you relocating for work? If so, are they providing the moving company? The moving company will have such details - so the insurance is actually with them. It varies from company to company but in our case, the movers came and did an inventory first - thus the list and prices - we did not have receipts for everything - you have to be reasonable and honest about appraising your stuff - but we put a value on EVERYTHING - furniture, books - everything - while the movers were there. Once they do that, they come back with their assessment of cost and other logistics. You should make sure the movers come see you - a supervisor at the very least - first to see what you have. This is beneficial to both of you because you know your stuff is being tracked and the movers can asses the best way to pack and move things and even little things like how many boxes you need.
  9. Wow this is very helpful. I am moving for work and haven't received the full details on the package but I heard it is cash only so I need to hire the movers myself. Since I have never moved before so I had no idea how moving companies work. Sounds like if you find the right company (not the cheap ones) they will come and try to do a good job. And it is actually OK to leave some of the bags that I can't take with me with them, after making a list. Bags are actually easy, compared to all the clothes I have. I can't imagine documenting full closets of clothings. But they are designer stuff and I don't want anything to happen to them either. I am thinking to dump them to a local consignement store. However, they charge a whooping 60% as commission! I will be much better off selling them myself on eBay. This is life - you just can't have both. For five years spending and no closet cleaning, it is payback time.
  10. Ours was different since we didn't move within the country so they gave us the moving company - both here and in Hong Kong. Your best bet is once you do get details on your moving package - question your Human Resources department - I am sure they have relocated other people so they might have some recommendations. Also ask around - maybe some of your friends would know? I know it all depends on the amount you get - hopefully it will cover the major movers like Mayflower - and of course check the internet - there is a site called you might find helpful. Good luck with your move and let me know if you have any specific questions - feel free to pm me.
  11. I know I can count on the people here. I kept being amazed how nice fellow tpfers are. I will certainly take advantage of your offer if I got stuck with something. Thanks, Harley. You are simply outstanding!
  12. With all of your designer clothing, etc. I HIGHLY suggest literally taking photographs of each piece. A friend of mine did a move recently from Boston to Las Vegas with a reputable large mover. There was an inventory of her things, but when boxes of her designer clothing came up missing, the claims dept. is telling her that unless she has receipts or photographs for every single article of clothing missing, they can't take her word that she really had them. INSANE!!!! Also, definitely purchase the best insurance you can on top of the normal movers insurance that comes in the package. The insurance the comes included is like 6 cents per pound or something completely crazy that they reimburse for loss. If the movers don't offer add'l insurance packages, check the moving websites for purchasing a temporary policy to cover you during a move. Hope this helps. Good luck. I'm moving abroad soon myself and have also been contemplating how I'll get my "babies" over there. I've probably got a collection of 40 bags that need to be moved. I'm with you, I don't want them with the movers, yet I can't carry them all with me either. Ughhhhh.... Moving stinks. Luckily I've had tons of experience as my husband's job moves us about every 2 years. This will be the first overseas one for us though.
  13. The pictures are a great idea - I would keep one with your inventory and one with the box it is for and the third attached to the inventory list with the box number on it. The moving boxes should all be numbered and labeled TO YOUR LIKING as to what is in it.
  14. When I relocated my parents lived in the same state so I shipped everything to their house via USPS priority mail with signature and delivery confirmation (I took a huge risk and didn't insure a thing but all arrived fine.). I was crazy with worry during the transit process for each box!
  15. We've been moving every 2-3 years for the last 19 years lol! Whenever it was withing my country my DH's work gave us cash and we had to choose the this case I was leaving the most valuable things to my own house or my parents' and was getting them after some time-easy though cause my country is a small one...
    Whenever we had to move abroad though his work provided us with a list of the transport companies-only a few but the best in my country-from which we had to choose one after each of them send someone to our house to approximately evaluate our things and give us his offer
    We did not have to pay for the transport but we had to be clear on the insurance coverings as the transport companies paid for them -it was in their offer-and they usually don't want to give a lot of money for insurance!Do make sure that you declare/write down everything with its price on the list they provide you with -it does take time but I think it worths it.(Also you will need to have them state what it is in every box and check the numbers of the boxes against their list when they deliver them in your new destination-they should provide you with a copy of that list which you'll have to sign as soon as they finish packing everything)
    My advice is to carry as many of your most expensive jewelry you can with you but never in your luggage and not the bags.I say so since when you arrive at the country you'll be staying you 'll definitely be out looking for a house and find your way in so many things that you won't need to worry about the bags in the hotel Concerning the jewlery I had them put on the hotels safe if the hotel was reliable or in one case as we stayed in a hotel for about a month I had taken them to the bank safe- usually you'll need to come in touch with a bank to open accounts etc and if you open an account with a considerable sum in they provide you this service for free!
    Two last tips,first you need to ask some of your collegues that might have been abroad about their experience with specific companies they used and secondly do keep in mind that the company is obliged to give you a timetable of when your belongings will arrive to the country you're moving.
    In case they arrive later than they have promised-because they usually wait until they get better fares on ships/planes etc-and you have already found a house but have to wait for them,then they are obliged to pay your hotel and food since they were late with the delivery!of course they don't say that most of the times but it's in the customers rights.Good luck with your moving!