Need help!! Reissue 226 or Boy New Medium??


Jan 2, 2012
I have a Reissue 226 black calfskin with ruthenium hardware and I love it, but I can´t stop dreaming about a Boy bag.... A black Boy bag in New Medium with silver or ruthenium hardware.
I am going to Nice in France soon and I am thinking of selling my Reissue to fund a Boy bag. But I love my Reissue and it is one of the classic Chanel bag so I am not sure? I would love to have both bags but right now I cannot afford it :sad:
I am also thinking that maybe the Reissue is better quality then the newer Boy bags?? My Reissue is from 2011 (14series) and it is in prestine condition. I have been told that the Chanel bags are not as good quality today as the were a couple years ago, is that true??
I also have heard that the Boy bags very easily shows signs of wear, specially on the corners and on the inside of the flap... My Reissue is 5 years old and shows no signs of wear!!!
I am afraid that if I sell my Reissue and get a Boy bag instead that i will regret it. What do you think?? Reissue or Boy?? I need some advise. If you only could have one of Reissue 226 or Boy new Medium, which bag would you chose??

(I also own a Classic flap M/L in black lambskin)


Jun 18, 2014
Hi there! Based on your statement that you love your reissue, why part with it? It is understandable to want both bags right now, but do not sell one you love to go buy another (that you are not so sure about) immediately. If the timing is not right, financially, then WAIT. Wait until the time is right to buy a boy bag, if you still feel like you really want one. Do more research and look around. Save up. Since you love what you already have, you have doubts about the boy bag´s durability, and given the fact that reissues do not usually do as well as classics on resale, I would stay as-is. Also, how do you know you will sell the bag in time, or that you will find the boy bag you are looking for in Nice? I do not have a boy bag so I cannot answer your other questions about quality. However, in light of the foregoing, I still hope this reply helps. Good luck and enjoy Nice.
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Jul 9, 2010
i have a boy bag in the new medium lambskin - i bought it in october 2015 and it looks brand new although i have used it a lot -so thankfully it has not shown signs of wear (it is rhw, thin chevron horizonatal quilting in black lambskin).
I absolutely love it and do not regret the purchase at all. The only wish i had was that i wish the interior lining was also leather, but beyond that i love it.

I would suggest given you love the reissue, to keep it and save up for the boy as well.
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May 12, 2015
The Emerald
Oh no no don't sell your gorgeous reissue!!! Reissue is my favorite of all my chanel bags!!! Keep her please!!! Esp sounds like you really love her!!!


Aug 27, 2015

I love the boy and am waitlisted for the one I want, but would choose a reissue over the boy any day.

Don't sell your reissue!