Need help regarding PayPal Transaction!!

  1. Hello, Hoping some of you can help me!

    I made a private paypal transaction to purchase a bag from someone, and she is asking that I pay the transaction fee for her receiving the funds I (stupidly) paid via eCheck! I thought it would be transaction charge free for me and the seller if I paid via eCheck, but this is not the case if the seller has a Business/Premier account!

    I called PayPal, and they said I am not responsible for paying the transaction fee, and that the seller should not put this fee on the buyer. However, I'm afraid that the seller would become upset if I refuse to pay the transaction fee, and not send the bag while keeping the money I paid!

    Please help someone, I would really appreciate it.
  2. I think it is unfair for you to have to pay her fees. Paypal is technically free for buyer and it is really up to the seller to calculate the cost of fees into their prices.
    I would politely ask for a refund. Also she is saving money by not having to pay the eBay fees!
    Keep us posted.
  3. ^ Ita! Besides, the maximum it costs the seller to receive an e-check is $5 - I wouldn't quibble about that if I was the seller!
  4. Thanks Ladies, I think everything is ok now. She didn't end up having a premier account, so she wasn't charged the transaction fee for receiving the funds. I agree that the buyer, no matter if the transaction is effectuated privately or through eBay, should not be responsible for the transaction fees, UNLESS the seller includes it in an item's purchase price.

    However, I am really surprised about that $5 charge! NOWHERE on the website does it say that a $5 charge will be assessed to the recipient of an eCheck. I would be super careful using eCheck because of this...if you must, CALL PayPal and tell them that this fee is not explicitly stated on their fee schedule. According to the fee schedule table, to RECEIVE funds through a PayPal eCheck, it is FREE. So definitely call PayPal to contest it if this happens to you. It is deceptive of them to charge this fee without indicating it CLEARLY in the fee schedule table. I called up PayPal and explained that there was no $5 fee on their fee schedule. Eventually, i got a credit for it.

    I'm definitely going to be more careful when using PayPal.

    Thanks Westiegirl and MNshopgirl32!!:flowers:
  5. Actually, it IS clearly stated in the fee schedule table that there is a charge for premier or business accounts to receive funds from an e-check. That's where I looked before I posted my original response to you. Then there's some additional verbiage underneath the table that states the maximum charge for receiving e-check funds is $5. You were lucky to get the credit - good for you.