Need help regarding MJ Elise in Blush

  1. Hi all-

    I was just looking at a blush elise in a consignment shop near me. I love the bag, but I don't know enough about MJ to know if it's real. I would love it if someone here who has the bag could post some pics that I could compare. Also, what should I look for to determine whether its real or not?
  2. Notice the wrinkly leather texture (must-have detail) in Zoinksta's authentic Chalk Quilted Patent Bowler. Fakes are smooth and plastic looking.

  3. The back of the zipper pull says riri M8, just like red_yogini's picture from her Midnight Bowler.
  4. The side buckles are placed incorrectly (too low) on the faked Elises.
  5. TFS member (Klow-Chloe) posted some high quality pictures of her authentic Blush Elise & Lobster Bowler, you can clearly see the wrinkly textures and softness of the leather. Okay, you might need to feel the softness in person. LOL. I can stare at the faked ones (plastic looking) forever & can't find these in the leather.
  6. thanks so much for the details. It checks out so far. Is there anything else I should look for? I have the bag on hold right now.
  7. Check out the pictures of replicated Elises, the makers pretty much copied everything. The most important detail that's still lacking/incorrect in the fakes is the leather texture. Patent Elise is fairly new (Spring 2006) so their replicas aren't as good as those for Soft Calf yet.

    One of the many replicas:
    Marc Jacobs,MJ Elise Boston 0183 Blush--brown edge !, EXCELLENT MARC JACOBS 2006 Blush SOFT QUILTED ELISE LARGE BOSTON S...
    Other replicated MJ styles:
    Marc Jacobs,Mulberry bag, Fendi bag, YSL bag, Gucci bag, Marc Jacobs bag, Kooba bag, Balenciaga bag, Profit Come Co.
  8. In addition to the leather texture, this is very important detail as well. Pay attention to the positions of the side buckles, this picture is from Neiman Marcus or BG online:
  9. Good luck, keep us updated. =)
  10. Thanks again for all your help. I can't believe those replicas are so close. For me, the biggest thing to notice seems to be the buckle placement (it seems kinda funny that they couldn't get that right). The one in the shop checks out based on all your tips, so I am going to get it for my mom for Xmas. She will flip over this bag.
  11. glad to hear! I hope she likes it! if you want us to check it out for you, don't hesistate to post photos in the authenticate this thread.
  12. ^YES..When you get it..Post pics in Auth This so we can verify its the real deal...Good luck!
  13. I won't be surprised if other makers got that detail (buckle placement) right since I only checked the ones from the link listed above. Ursula Elise (Spring 2006) is fairly new so its replica isn't as good as Soft Calf styles like Venetia (around since '2000). As of now, the give-away is the leather texture.
  14. Hi, but please check this foto of Paris Hilton carrying Elise, this leather isnt so wrinkle, it looks plastic too.

  15. ^ I'm able to see the wrinkly leather texture on hers, look closely to the right; Midnight is hard to capture. The buckle placement is correct as well.