Need help regarding Chanel Patent GST

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  1. Hiya TPF'ers!

    I am considering getting a black patent GST. I would like to know if the patent GST would have similar sagging problems at the four corners like the Caviar GST and would I have to baby it a lot?

    Would it be able to retain it's shape after prolonged usage?

    Your valuable advice/opinions would be greatly appreciated.

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. I don't have a GST, but I do own many patent bags and totes (not all Chanel) and from my experience, patent holds its shape better than caviar.
  3. i have several GST' patent has held up the BEST! i've posted about this bag tons of times since i'm so pleased with it...i have the identical bag in caviar & unfortunately that particular one wore very quickly ~ corners look awful...highly recommend the patent! good luck...
  4. Yes, patent is very sturdy and boxy--sometimes I wish it wasnt as I cant keep my arms down when I wear my patent gst hehe
  5. Ditto. Patent GST is the way to go! I love my bronze GST :biggrin:
  6. Thanks all for the valuable input! Appreciate it! :smile:
  7. Hello Sunshine! So, patent GST it would be, eh? I will be joining you in the "banned" forum very soon :P
  8. Hi Joansie I am having the same problem deciding which GST to get Patent or Caviar and this is going to to be my 1st Chanel so I want one that will hold up and so since you have both can you post pics of both of them for me. I really like the Patent but I have hear from people since it's going to my 1st they say I should stick with the Classic Cavier. I feel that Patent is very nice and will not go out of style right? So can you please give me your thoughts of this on this ASAP as I am planning on getting it this week.Thanks
  9. I am so glad you posted this as I am having the same problem. I am planning on getting my 1st GST this week and having the same problem I really like the Patent but then I have been told go with Classic Cavier but I like the look of the Patent as it just brings out the bag so much more.So let me know what you decide too
  10. Hi divagal01,

    I totally understand your predicament dear. At first, I was still undecided if I should be getting the patent or the Caviar.

    In Singapore, the Caviar GST, especially the one in SWH and GHW is very common. I like the Caviar with GHW, but was thinking if I get the patent, it'll be far more outstanding.

    However, I am not really in love with it yanno, not sure if you know what I mean. I still prefer the caviar GST though, problem is it's hard to find the older version here in Singapore. I don't like the 2010 version.

    Since I already have a patent YSL Roady, I think I'll give this patent GST a miss and also thanks to the advice of my lovely friend from here, shout out to Nelly aka npps :hugs: hun! I have decided to save up for the Maxi, which is what I truly wanted actually.

    Maybe I'll get the Caviar GST if I have some extra cash to spare! Yikes! :nuts:

    Wish you luck babe, hope you'll be able to make a decision soon! :smile:
  11. Hi SarahRae well I think I am going to probably end up getting the GST Caviar SHW. This will be my 1st Chanel bag I have alot of LV bags and thought it was time to add a Chanel to my collection since there prices keep going up. But I really don't know the difference between the older to the newer version. I just know that I have checked with some Chanel store and they are sold out and only have the newer versions. Can you please just tell me a liitle bit about the what has changed about them. I really like the look of the GST. Thanks for any input
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  13. divagal01
    i posted pics in the GST Club thread (actually Yoga helped me)
    i was trying to show how the patent held up while the brown 08 had worn corners very quickly...seems that 08 season had problems w caviar GST's...i know 4 gals who had same issue...i have other caviar GST's that wore much better...somehow the bordeaux and brown from that year were like a bad batch!
  14. so what's the verdict? :smile: