Need help - RC Candy / Tosca Candy / Geranium Kelly 35


which kelly 35 would you choose:

  1. RC epsom with frosted phw

  2. Tosca epsom with phw

  3. Geranium togo with phw

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    Well, I went to see my SA yesterday as I haven't been there awhile, just want to check out what's new. Initially I was interested in a UV bolide and they had 1 instock in a 31, tried it, but too small for my liking. Then I asked if they will be receiving it in a 37 and tried one in a blue obsure, that color is very classic. But I had my mind set on the UV.

    I then casually asked if they have any kelly 35 in stock, I was looking for rubis which I know it's a long shot. They did have a rubis in k40, but don't want another 40. She checked and came back with these choices:

    1. RC Candy Epsom with the frosted phw (I have never seen this before and she said they only received a few in this hw, have no idea how it looks)
    2. Tosca Candy Epsom with phw
    3. Geranium togo with phw (if this was in ghw, I would have taken it in a heart beat)

    Ladies, I need your help, which one should I choose? I would like a nice red bag, I love the candy option but not sure if I want a kelly in epsom. I love togo leather.

    Here is what's in my collection:
    BE candy birkin 35 in epsom
    BE kelly 40 in togo
    vert anis kelly 32 in togo
    RC/RP lindy 30 in clemence
    RC/BH picotin MM
    etoupe jypsiere 28

    I do have two RC already, but not sure if I would keep my lindy as I find it a tad small.

    I have always loved tosca, however, not sure if this is going to be a classic color for me to wear 10 years down the road. :p

    If anyone has a picture of any of these kelly, please post pictures so that I can see.
    I also wonder if any comparison picture of RC and geranium.

    Any feedback would be appreciated, need to make a decision soon! TY!!!
  2. My vote goes to Tosca because it fills a good gap in your current collection.
  3. Tosca for me too! :smile:
  4. agree, i would pick tosca for variety..there are already a lot of reds in your existing collection, RC and geranium are not the same but very similar..

    however if you are a true red fan and want to collect as many reds as you can get your hands on, then pick the geranium..
  5. Hmmmm tough choice! The brushed hardware is beautiful imo but the RC is kind of redundant in your closet....I think I'd have to pick the candy Tosca. I have a Tosca B and a Geranium B and Tosca is just the most beautiful color-one of my H favorites. It's a great neutral but a nice pop of color as well! Be sure and update us on your decision & plz post pics!!
  6. Thank you all ladies for your lovely comments. I am pleasantly surprised that Tosca get the most votes so far. It's a nice color but not sure if it would look as nice in epsom leather. I am sure it does.

    My initially reaction is to get geranium as I LOVE red bags, so easy to carry and the color looks really nice on me. But again, I just can't get over the fact that I would pass on a candy, and the white stitching on a tosca is just beautiful. I think Tosca is my least favourite at first as I was worried that it might look too young on me. I was actually considering between the RC and geranium at first, but now, I think it's more between geranium and Tosca.

    Please keep your votes and comments coming, very much appreciated!!
  7. Oh Kobe....I feel your pain:giggles: IMO, you have to think about the leather first. Epsom takes color well but if you love the idea of the more "natural" texture of Togo, then, the choice is RC--which is a gorgeous red. You said you love red, and this is red. Then, sell your too small Lindy girl.

    But you also said you went to see a UV Bolide. To me, the Bolide will last a lifetime, but the color might be too bright in your "older" days. It depends on your style of course, and comfort level, attitude....

    I adore Tosca and it has the purple undertone that you might be liking in UV. Tosca and UV have this similarity. So if this is working for you, the color, and epsom is a leather that makes you happy, and Candy---this is your choice. And, I see Tosca as a "grown up" pinky-purple.

    Maybe none of these are right. Don't buy just to buy my friend. Good luck.
  8. Thank you my dear, L! The RC is actually in epsom leather. I do LOVE the togo leather feel, it's more 'real'. :biggrin: But since I do have a bicolor RC in a picotin which I love, so easy to use, I should consider between the tosca and geranium.

    My SA just called, she just opened the both boxes, tosca and geranium, and her initial reaction is to get tosca. She love red bag, like me, but she said geranium is more 'mature' looking, whereas tosca is a beautiful dark pink with purple undertone, plus the white stitching, which makes it more fun. She said I would like the tosca more, and she does know me quite well.

    Oh well, I am still undecisive about which one to get, too much for me to handle!! :roflmfao:
  9. Another vote here for Tosca! It's very similar to UV except with pink undertone. From your posts, I think you will be happy with Tosca since you wanted UV bolide. :smile:
  10. You have two RC so Tosca would make a sweet addition to your collection.
  11. You can't have too much RC - so- I vote for RC.
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    ^^This! I totally agree!

    For variety I would have chosen Tosca but Tosca epsom is kind of dark and not my favorite....

    Geranium w/ PHW just does not compare to RC candy! BTW RC epsom is almost a different color than RC clemence. Both are gorgeous, but RC epsom is a bit less loud and very sophisticated. So I vote RC candy!
  13. My vote goes to Tosca!
  14. U need a tosca my dear
    Go for it
    Something special u never had
    Happy choosing
    Update us your decision
  15. tosca gets my vote too, u need something in purple/pinkish.....