Need help quick!

  1. [​IMG]I saw this bag and I'm wondering if I could get these marks out since it is's a really good price (2nd hand hence the scratches) but it is leather (I've heard unless they're REALLY deep you can get them out to a degree).
  2. I don't have an answer for you but how good is the price? I have heard from others on here that these are now at the outlets. If you are near an outlet and can get one for a comparable price, I would probably do that. I don't know how you would feel but if it were me and I couldn't get the scratches out, I would be really upset...but I am quite particular about my bags. If you think that you could live with the scratches and it is hugely discounted, then go for it!
  3. like $60 good lol.

    I called the nearest outlet (3hrs away) and they have some for around $240, the other outlet (also 3hrs) they didn't have any :sad:
  4. I don't know that those scratches will come out with leather conditioner.
    If you are getting a good deal and can live with the scratches than go ahead
    and buy it. If not just go to the outlet and get it.
  5. I have had really good luck with a clean cloth over my finger and buffing little light scratches out. The long ones look like part of the leather, the little short ones look like scratches. But, it's kinda hard to really see in the picture for sure.
  6. yeah the scratches are not the problem... the bag itself, the leather kinda has these deep grooves but its up to you if youc an live with it! i would for that price!!!
  7. buy it girl!

    for $60! wow! aaand, it looks like they are on the it would be up against you when you're out.
  8. if they are just scrapes you can prolly get em out, but actual scratches will be harder... but for 60 bucks, it's worth a try!
  9. Those look like the kind of scratches that are "part" of the leather pattern- I don't think you'd be able to get them all the way out but maybe you could reduce their appearance a little.
  10. you probably wont be able to get them out; when i bought my ergo leather tote, the saleswoman told me that since every piece of leather is unique, what you see is basically how it will stay, marks & scratches & all. however, some conditioner might soften the look.

    for $60, the bag is really worth it. it's gorgeous regardless & once it's used/worn in, anything that was on it to begin with will look more like a love marks than anything else :smile:

    if you don't want it, i might! :wtf:
  12. I had some scratches in my magenta duffle and they came out with leather conditioner... it may work for this bag too.. for 60 bucks I would try.
  13. Those are scratches? I thought that was the look of the leather. If I were you and the scratches bothered me that much then I would try leather conditioner on the whole bag. Good luck and show after pics if you decide to condition it!