Need Help quick with buyer!!

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  1. I recently sold a Coach tote which was in great condition, only used a couple of times and the buyer asked me to do a BIN for the price I wanted so I changed the auction to BIN and she bought it. Now she writes me today saying it's stained (which it was NOT). Anyway just to make her happy and to hopefully NOT ruin my 100% feedback I offered her $30 refund which made the final sale $100 below what a new bag of the same style is going for on ebay. She said that was ok and she'd take pictures for me and send them to me. Anyway, a few hours later she writes back and says No, the bag looks too dirty and she doesn't want it and wants to send it back and wants to know what my address is.:cursing:

    How should I respond to this? My auction clearly states that I describe everything to the best of my ability, I am extremely honest (to a fault), and that the auction was final sale. I selected NO return policy in the auction either.

    Please help me!! I've never had a problem with a buyer before!

  2. I should also add, she won another Coach tote 3 days before mine too.
  3. Ask to see the pictures. If you also have pictures of the same spot, and there was no stain before you sent the bag...
  4. I asked for pictures and this is what she responded with:

    I have it boxed up ready to go and you can see for yourself when it is returned. If you do not accept it back I will file a complaint with ebay for not listing conditions.

    Ugggghhh, I am sick over this. Do I have a right to deduct a % from her return $$'s for ebay fees...etc even if I didn't specify a return policy? She paid through paypal so I know if she filed a SNAD I'd lose, it's just the nature of paypal to side with the buyer unfortunately.
  5. I had a 'shopper' last time I sold. I took the bag back and refunded her payment to me but not the return postage. I then filed a non performing buyer to get my fees back. She finally responded and that was that.

    I was not happy and really wanted to neg her but time has gone by and I am not so upset anymore. I didn't lose much money and the bag is safe with me for sale.

    I offered a second chance to the only bidder who had not found a bag by then but she didn't respond.
  6. Well, you can play hardball with her, and show your pics that depict the item without stains.

    Or, you can just take the bag back and relist. Make sure you block this problem seller from bidding on any of your future auctions. This will be more work, but in the end will probably be less headache.
  7. frustrating eBay seems to be getting:cursing:...buyers seem to be getting away with whatever they feel like...they all seem to forget that it is NOT a retail store...I don't know how many times I've gotten things that were a little less than described, but I just figure hey, I bought it used so what can i expect...if they want brand new, go to the will likely be easier to refund, but in all fairness, the buyer really should have to provide some evidence of the just seems like you can't trust anyone these now who is to say that she didn't stain the bag????
  8. I would absolutely not refund her anything...stand by your merchandise and risk the negative. I never give in to these types of buyers. I have been accused of selling things that were more used than stated and of selling fakes by buyers...charges that were absolutely false. My stance is always that my listing says no returns and that is that. If she negs you,, neg her back..simple. Smart buyers understand that negs happen to even the best most honest sellers. Good luck and be sure to add her to your block list.
  9. Does it hurt me if she files a not as described dispute and we both agree not to complete the transaction? She is sending the bag back, I will look at it, but told her that I will refund minus all fees and she said that we need to do a mutual dispute so that I can be credited my fees.
  10. I have thought about this, but doesn't the seller almost ALWAYS lose if a SNAD is opened (she paid through paypal). She sounds like the type of person that would do it too. In fact she sounds like she's done this before that's for sure. She has a few negs in her feedback and all relate to "not as described"...some on her selling end too.
  11. if she gives you a negative, you can also try to have ebay withdraw it by showing the pictures you have of the bag before it was sent. i wouldn't trust her. ///
  12. Kathyy
    What is a non performing buyer? I have heard of a non-paying buyer, but not non-performing. She did pay so I can't file that dispute.

    you know....I am getting so worked up over this one transaction and potential negative and then I just saw a new feedback I got from a girl who just LOVED her bag that I mailed her at the same time. I love my positive feedback and making someone happy with a new purse the way that I am happy to receive one, this just makes me so mad!!!