Need Help QUICK! Papillon 19

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  1. Okay, I was doing my daily patrol and I put a papillon 19 in my shopping bag. This is the FIRST time I've seen this in Eluxury. A minute later I tried to view the papillon for its dimensions, but guess what? the link is now GONE! (but there's one safely in my eluxury shopping bag)

    What do you gals think? Good bag? Too small to be practical AT all? Any pics of what fits inside (or description would be good too!)

    THANK YOU!!! :yes:
  2. its really small
    if you're using it as an everyday bag its way too small unless you carry very little things

    it can't hold a big wallet.
    the MAX it can hold is
    only a cardholder, keys, phone and a small camera.

    i only use it when i go out at nights for a casual dinner etc etc
  3. lavie - Do you think it will fit a cles? A ludlow!?
  4. ^^^It's a little bigger than Mini HL. It will fit car key, cles, some make up, cell phone and maybe a few more tiny things.
  5. yes it would fit a cles and ludlow. and keys and a mobile

    because of its round shape its hard to fit a lot of things in it.
  6. I sold mine. It's too small for all the stuff I cram into my purse.
  7. I'd opt for the 26!
  8. oh I posted a reply to your post evolkatie about the size of the papillon 19. Glad I found this thread! It seems cute, even if it's not useful.
  9. Thank you ladies - Can always count on you gals =) I should be start being a big girl and start investing on a good size bag! :amuse:
  10. I have a 19' It fits my french wallet, razr cell phone, lip gloss, keys. That's basically what I always carry. I also have an Mini sac HL....its a little smaller than the 19' but still fits the same items.
  11. It is very small but VERY cute:heart: I agree a better option would be 26 or wait for the gold/silver pap to arrive:graucho: