NEED HELP!!!Questions about keeping or selling my Faridah?

  1. Hello all!!! I need some help!

    I recently got the Faridah in chocolate from my boyfriend like 4 weeks ago. Ive only carried it a couple of times (like 4 or 5 times). Im not sure I am in love with the bag. I really like the bag but.... :confused1:

    I really like the color and how super soft the bag just not sure "its me" :hrmm:

    So my questions is...should I sell it and pick something else...or should I keep it and hope it grows on me more??

    Thanks all!!! :yes:
  2. anyone??
  3. What will your boyfriend say?
  4. he said he wouldnt long as i use the money towards another bag!!...his only concern was if what he paid for it is what i could sell it for...
  5. Can you take it back to where he purchased it and exchange it for another bag and then you wouldn't lose out!
  6. thats the boyfriend isnt so good with keeping things and he lost the reciept before i could get it from thats my problem
  7. Well he remembers the store doesn't he?? Most:confused1: will exchange without receipt as long as you have the tags!!
  8. not sure about tags ill have to ask him and he got it a boutique in our area...ill have to call them and see what they say...if not i dont know what ill do
  9. Learn to love it!! Or there is always eBay!! Good Luck!!:drinkup:
  10. Personally, I think if the bag is not working for you now, it probably won't work for you in the future either.
    If your boyfriend is OK with it and you cannot return it to the boutique, then I suggest you sell it on eBay. The faridahs are going for quite a bit. You may not get dollar for dollar what he spent, but you will probably at least come close as long as it is in excellent condition. You could even try Craig's List.
    Maybe you should see how he feels about that idea.
    Good luck! I hope you find something that you do love!

    (P.S. tell him to keep his receipts in the future!!! LOL)
  11. hahah i know he loses everything!