Need help! Question on NM LE City


Jan 5, 2008
I'm a newbie and was hoping to get some feedback. I purchased a NM LE City during the 2 Buy 2 NM sale last month. The first bag I received was horrible. I sent it back and I just received a new one today. This one is in much better condition, but I have a couple of questions. I'm not sure if I want to keep it and was hoping someone could help me answer a couple of questions.

1) On the back side of the bag, the leather is really smooth at the top but distressed at the bottom half. Is this normal? See the second picture.

2) I couldn't really capture the true color of this bag (I couldn't get good lighting in my apartment). For other NM LE City owners, is this color similar to what you own? I've found some pictures on this forum but not many. I thought this color would be a bit more vibrant and I'm finding it more on the grey-blue side.

Any help/input would be appreciated! TIA!



Sep 6, 2007
Love the color..I am a relatively Newbie myself but have seen several with leather that is totally different front to is this individuality that lets you choose a bag and leather that gels with YOU..if in doubt call your SA and tell her (him) the type and degree of veining etc that you would prefer..for this price you need to feel good about ALL of your Bbag front and back.. I find your bag really pretty.