Need Help -- Purse Style?

  1. Hi,

    Looking for thoughts on the Balenciaga Purse.....

    I'm thinking about getting it but hear that it is discontinued -- is this true? I think that Aloha rag still has a few left but wondering if anyone knows if the store in NYC has any?

    Also, it looks kinda big. I can't really tell from the pictures but do you think it's too big for an everyday bag??

    Thanks -- this is a very important first Balenciaga purchase for me :yes:
  2. Hi there! The rumor is that it will be discontinued, and it must be true because I've been told that the spring/summer colors don't come in the Purse style.

    I do not live near any place that sells Balenciaga, so I don't know which stores might still have them in stock. There are a couple of Purses on ebay right now. This style is not faked nearly as much as the other styles, so if you see this style on ebay chances are good it's not fake. (But always double check before bidding!)

    As for size....well that is subjective. There was a time in my life when the Purse would have been waaaay too large for me. But as time went on and I began to carry more stuff, this has become the perfect size for me.

    I have an 05 caramel purse and I adore it beyond all belief! It is perfect for me in every possible way.

    If you buy one and find the size is not right for you, rest assured you will have no problem whatsoever selling it! Seems like everyone is looking for one now that they are going to be discontinued.

    Good luck!!!
  3. I LOVE my Purses and I have the Ink and Magenta. I am partial to it because I find its more of a girlie style than the City. It has a more feminine shape and can be casual or dressy, unlike some of the other styles. I'm 5'9" and I think its a perfect size for me, I can carry just a few things in it or pack it full of crap.
  4. thank you! that's exactly what i was thinking about the shape being more feminine. can't wait to start looking for the right one!
  5. I'm 5'1" and own a Purse in magenta. I agree with Donna - it's a wonderful style. My NM (Tysons Corner, VA) had several on display and apparently, they're still getting in F/W bags every two weeks or so. Good luck finding your perfect bbag!
  6. I do not think the purse is too big for an everyday purse - but that is pretty subjective. It does not look big on a person when carried, though I guess if you were very tiny, it might. Since the style is being discontinued, they may turn out to be valuable. But for me, it's my favorite style.
  7. So, there ya have it. Now you HAVE to buy one! A seller in the UK has a GORGEOUS red one on ebay right now...I saw it earlier today.
  8. thank you! thank you! i'm going to they ny store this weekend to check them out. i'll keep you all posted on my purchase!!!
  9. You have to get a Purse! The Balenciaga needs more purse owning members. It's the perfect size and very comfortable on your shoulders. :love:
  10. ^^Nah, it's a cult, just go ahead and say it..*LOL*
  11. I would but she's still new! I don't want to scare them off....(evil laugh)
  12. I have a pale rose Purse that I LOVE! It is a true shoulder bag. It is the most feminine motorcycle bag IMO. That is why I chose a "girlie" color. It is a great everyday bag. Let us know what you decide to get.
  13. a PALE ROSE purse! ~sigh~ How pretty must that be. Did it come in Calcaire? If it did I will hang myself right now...rope is in hand. I would NEVER be able to find it if it came in Calcaire!
  14. I first thought the purse looked the best in classic colors - black, browns, but now I think it really looks great in the bright colors, too - magenta, rouge vif - so I think it is very versatile. It is girly but still makes a bbag statement!