need help prompto: Birkin in Blue Ocean or Kraft?

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  1. #1 Apr 10, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2014
    Hi everyone,

    My SA just called to say that she can offer me a B in Blue Ocean or Kraft. Both togo 35 with Palladium. I like neutral colors with occasional classic pop color like orange or red. This is my first Birkin, well actually the first time SA offers me one. Currently I have an orange Jypsiere and an argile Evelyn. I tend to like classic colors...

    What do you all think? I need to reply my SA within 3 hours!!! She can only reserve one for me so I need to be quick!! Thank you all!!!

    ps. I am Asian, mid 30s, dress very casual, I wear only blue jeans/black legging/beige skinny jean. Never worn the color ones. I wear neutral color sweaters/t-shirts/shirts...occasionly wears red or pastel colors tops, never on the bottom.
  2. Blue ocean for me, good luck, so exciting :smile:
  3. Blue ocean.
  4. Blue ocean. It is neutral enough but still a colour.
  5. blue ocean is a very dark blue, almost black...kraft is brown yellowish from memory..i would pick blue ocean..
  6. Blue ocean without a doubt. It will work well for what you wear, and can be dressed up too.
  7. Blue Ocean!
  8. Blue ocean
  9. Blue ocean without a doubt. My friend has a B in blue ocean, it's very dark and can look almost black in some lighting, but it goes well with almost everything. It's a gorgeous color.
  10. Blue ocean!
  11. Blue ocean!
  12. Thank you everyone! Looks like Blue Ocean it is. I will ask the SA to hold it for me and then go in person to make the final decision. Thank you all!!!!! :heart:
  13. Please post pics if you end up getting it!
  14. I will pick blue ocean too
    Its your first b
    Go for a safer easier color
    Ocean between blue black
    Kraft is a challenging color
    Like it or hate it
  15. Look forward to your reveal!!! Blue ocean is a great neutral... Kraft does nothing for me- gold is much nicer.