Need help! Professional cleaner to get rid of smell

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  1. I recently bought a Lous Vuitton Monogram Griet, non-exotic from ebay. The interior has a smell which was not disclosed by the seller. She believes it has "no smell". Anyways, we come up to a solution that she'll pay for the professional cleaner to get rid of the smell. Does anyone know a reputable cleaner possibly near Los Angeles or Orange county? My zip code is 90640. Please help. Thank you.
  2. good luck
  3. you can send it out to a bag spa. i know theres a reputable one in nyc, but i forget the name.
  4. Smells can be tricky. In my experience an old musty smell is the absolute hardest to remove it always lingers in the back round. I tried multiple things for a bag with that smell and I had to finally return it. I hope that you have better luck.
  5. Because I live in the UK, I can't provide any names. However, I would search google and then contact the companies if possible. Also, if you come across any names on the Internet, try searching for reviews online or even on here, as there are often threads relating to this in the 'FAQ's' section. Best of luck and sorry I couldn't help any more
  6. On the Hermes Forum there is a lady that gives advice on cleaning etc. I hear she is really good. Maybe she can help you out. Good luck!

    And.....If you find something that works, i would love to know! Have a vintage bag that is a little smelly as well
  7. Although, I will say that I purchased a vintage alma and it had an old kind of smell to it. I purchased two car air freshens. I put one inside the bag, inside a small carrier bag. I then sellotaped the other to the inside of a larger carrier bag and put the alma inside - so there was one inside and one outside. The smell is completely gone. I had to do this for about 3 weeks / 1 month.
  8. I had a similar experience with an ebay seller. May I ask what seller you used?
  9. I once purchased a bag from a smoker (choke choke!) Horrible! Anyway, I put it in a box with a cup filled with coffee grinds on the inside and a cup on the outside... took the smell out in a week. Bag smelt like coffee for a little bit... but that faded. (I didn't mind the coffee smell... probably gave Starbucks more business that week! HA! HA!)

    Good luck!
  10. I bought a pre loved that was to be cleaned before I bought it...not the case! She smelled if cigarette smoke really bad. I tried everything charcoal in a baggy with holes, baking soda in a sealed bag for days, nothing. I was desperate so I was trying everything. Inspiration comes in a funny place, as I was doing laundry I figured I would try the downy freshner balls. I put cloth down in the purse put some of the freshner in the bottom, sealed it up and left it inside at night outside (protected) during the day. Three days of that and alcohol free baby wipes on the monogram completely removed the smell. I was totally shocked! She smells fresh an the perfume smell of the downy faded after a few weeks.
  11. I believe that company Lovin my Bags has a bag spa.
  12. HELP!! I just purchased a batignolles from Hong Kong and it smells horribly musty. I'm on the verge of sending it back after trying "fridge-it", which the seller suggested. Will this smell ever come out? It's not only the inside but OUTSIDE too!